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My 2011 Wish

I don't have a year-ender post, but I just want to thank the good Lord for the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family. 2010 is a series of ups and downs, failures and successful endeavors, and I am thankful for everything it has made me. This coming 2011, I don't have anything much to promise, because I still have one major aim and I must try my very best to get it. And I ask you to pray with me in achieving that goal. I will just break it out once I have reached that goal. From my family to yours, we wish you all the best this 2011, have a joyous and blessed 2011 to all of you, and may you and your loved ones get only the best. Happy New Year, my dear friends!

A Gift to Self

I have truly been a good girl this year, methinks. I know that because evaluating what I have done for 2010, I felt I have been OC for improvement, well, not that everything has been an improvement because I also failed in a number of stuffs on my list. But yes, the blessings have been overflowing, everything else has been good. The Lord has been faithful in granting us provisions, good health and importantly, a good and understanding family, followed by lots of friends. This year, before 2010 closes, I have received gifts from people I know, from my dear blogger friends who has been following me, and from my husband too, albeit small, it was one of the best. But the best thing I got this Christmas is what I have long been asking for, and wanting for. It is not a gift given me by somebody else, but it is something I gave myself. The BIL bought this for me in Iloilo City, but I have to pay for it in exchange for something else. Nevertheless, I am happy. I have always wanted to have

An Evaluation on my 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! This year has been generally good to me and my family. To enumerate the things I have had the opportunity of having, I checked my oldest post regarding the 2010, and here's what I got. Evaluating what I wanted and what happened the whole year round. 1. Be debt-free before 2011. - Well, so far as my debts have turned out to be lessened, but not really debt-free yet. And 2011 is just a few days away so I think this one's impossible to rush already. And besides, the bills are just there. Oh my! 2. Hopefully, to get myself a new job. - Done, I got a new job, nope, make it 2. An online job and one that's true, but it's only temporary, so I am crossing my fingers to a permanent post come 2011. *Help me pray for this one, please. * 3. To discipline myself that a daily exercise is important. - Major PHAIL! Hahaha, I have been too busy and too LAZY. 4. Read as many books as I can. - Uh-oh, the busy schedule got to me, I think I read th

The Day I Became Santa Claus

This is the way to one of the earth's heavens. Three luxury cars, and a dump truck, all on its way towards being Santa Clauses! It has been in my heart to serve the people of my land, and to give what is there to share, and to teach my kids to share what they also have. What's best is that, we were invited by the Rotary Club of Polomolok to join them in their gift-giving also in Purok Palakasam, in Polomolok. So before we proceeded to Kinilis, we went with the Rotary Club to Palakasam and deliver their gifts. Giving this bag filled with love, RC Polomolok's project tagged as "Shoebox Full of Love" is on their 6th year and we bloggers, joining them is a plus point, an extraordinary chance. The bloggers doing a "bayanihan" act in order to reach the mountains and the community in Palakasam. It is but a pleasure to have the gifts delivered to them, I was teary-eyed when I was asked to speak in behalf of the bloggers about the project since I was the one

I Like...

Well, just a random though on the things I like and don't like... 1. I like reading, in fact I love reading. 2. I like chocolates, despite the migraine. 3. I like Anthony Taberna. 4. I like backpack bags. 5. I like Razon's halo-halo. 6. I like Fossil watches. 7. I like travelling. 8. I like to sleep, but I don't have much time to dwell on it. Bummer. 9. I like kids. 10. I like gadgets. 11. I like blogging. 12. I like to be kissed when I arrive home. 13. I like being hugged by the kids and the husband. 14. I like to be praised, who doesn't? 15. I like ice cream. 16. I like balut. 17. I like flowers. 18. I like my red Google shirt, which I'm wearing now. 19. I like blogger friends. 20. I like gifts, care to send me one? There's a lot of things to really like. What I do not like. 1. I do not like talong and sitaw. 2. I do not like being sick. 3. I do not like gossip-mongers. 4. I do not like people who pull you down. 5. I do not like my old office, people ther

Please Allow Me to Rant

I am generally, a happy person. BUT, we have our feelings, and our feelings make our moods. Thus, allow me to rant a little bit. I attended an event last night to which, after multiple meetings and several discussions, I was told to be coordinating with another person to head the party program activities. I may be silent with the idea, but I was then toying with a number of things in my mind to make the party fun. And on the morning before the event, I was told that the other person was making a list with the third person. Fine by me, at least more heads are gonna think of ways on how to make the party more lively. During the night of the party, the program was turned over to us, but when asked who leads the night away, it was mentioned that it's the second person and sad to say, the third person (who wasn't supposed to be part of it and never even attended meetings) mentioned another person and not me. Bummer, yes! So I left the table where they were talking about their pla

Blogfest SOCCSKSARGEN 2010

Better than any other Blogging Summits (methinks), we, the bloggers of SOCCSKSARGEN proudly present to you the Blogfest SOCCSKSARGEN 2010 ! We will be having this event tomorrow and I am excited, not only because I will be seeing old and will be meeting new friends too, but we will be listening to speakers all of whom are authorized in their own rights, to talk about blogging and what it brings us. There are a lot of respectable speakers such as Jay Jaboneta who works as Head for New Media of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Aileen Apolo of Google, Dale Palileo of Oregon, USA, Prof. Danilo Arao of UP, Mass Communications Department, Bobby Soriano who will talk about Internet security and many others. After this will be our Christmas party and I am glad that this event brings us, the Soccsksargen bloggers closer with each other and finding wings to fly. I hope the same goes in your part of the world too. It will be a wonderful experience for all of us! Mo

Your and You're

There may be many times I forgive a person for not using the correct terms and proper word usage in the English Language because I too, sometimes have errors and admit that am not perfect in writing,not even in speaking English, however, I have noticed that many of my friends in Facebook and some in Plurk have this problem of using the simple Your and You're . I don't really want them to be settled at the idea that what they use the words for are correct because it surely is not. Hence, please let me enlighten you with the usage of Your and You're . Your Your is the second person possessive adjective, this is used to describe something as belonging to you. Your is nearly always followed by a noun. What is your mother's name? Is this your bag? Your mom is waiting for you. This is your seat starting tomorrow. What is wrong with your phone? Your being noisy disturbs other students. You're You're is the

Oops, They Did It Again!

Well, they did it again. I am so proud of my kids. The son who placed 4th last grading period improved this time placing third honors of their class. I was not expecting this because he seems non-cognizant of my rants and reminders of his assignments and studies. Aside from that, the kid has been absent for a while because of fever and some cough. Now, he's made it even a notch higher, just cool! And the daughter, well, I am sorry if I was also mis-informed but she placed second only in their class. But she has also improved her grades, from the first grading's 94.33 to the second grading's 95.16. The first honors topping it with 95.33. Just a few points higher than the daughter's average grade. Oh well, so much for competition, haha. Well, although I really am super happy because of their eagerness and their passion for education, I just want them to enjoy their studies as not everything in this world is a competition. All the same, this makes us proud parents of t

Me, Today

Well, I'm really kind of busy because of so many things and all these are important. first and foremost, today starts my second month in Dept.of Labor and Employment. We will be having a jobs fair this coming December 6 and 7, and I have been busy calling employers for their vacancies. This make me active in trying to reach out to employers in order for unemployed people to be given jobs, doing this my way, I can at least be part of giving them better future without them knowing it. This Friday, December 3, my kids will be up on the stage again, I was told that the daughter maintains first honors in her class, and the son, who placed 4th (with 3 ties) was able to place third this time. I was actually expecting a different scenario since he is not that dedicated with his studies and I don't see him exerting efforts with it. So that means, am gonna be a stage mother again tomorrow. Proud momma! This Saturday, I will be hosting the family day for the school, as VP of the PTCA, w