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To my Only Son

Dear Kuya, When you were born, I could not explain the joy I felt. You have made me and Dad the happiest people in the world that time. It was your first cry that led me to the realization that life is beautiful and I must live it to the fullest. it was your first smile that gave us utmost happiness, and it was your first pain that gave us the worst fear. Now that you're 9, I have never felt so proud of myself for rearing you to be a good, industrious and handsome boy. Although there are times you disobey me, and you fail to make your assignments on time, I know those were times you test my patience. And it is but normal that kids like you give their moms some slight headache. Now that you're 9, and some girls now call you on the phone, I just pray that the Lord make you a channel of His blessings to others. I just want you to shine to the best of your ability, not to make me and Dad happy but to make life easy for you when you grow up. There's nothing more I can a

Think Peace, Think Mindanao

I was in sixth grade when we came here in Mindanao, Dad worked as a medical representative in a big pharmaceutical company and was assigned in Cagayan de Oro, he has relatives in Koronadal City, that's why we soon followed him, and finally lived the rest of our lives in Mindanao. War, chaos and bombings are usually the first impressions you may think of Mindanao, as the island is known for this. Even I myself, thought that Mindanao is a land of those who can only understand Islam, but surely I was dead wrong. And even wrong that I thought of Mindanao as a place of complexities. Just this morning, we passed along a large banner that said: Think Mindanao, Mind Mindanao, Feel Mindanao . We here in General Santos City, are lucky because we do not experience very harsh cruelty among our people, we have lived with the Muslims, lumads and foreigners without heavy hearts towards each other. In fact, only a few places in Mindanao are issues of concern because of peace, or the lack of it

Do Your Part! It's NOT Too Late

I did what I could to help save HER, but many people ignored HER plea to be heard. Now, it's her wrath slashing the people, and they thought it's HER evil deeds. I find it crazy that people think when Ondoy and Pepeng slashed out their fury over Luzon, it was acts of God. Because definitely it is not! It is our own doing. You ask me what I have contributed to help save Mother Nature. I did many. I planted trees, reused plastics, reduced my paper consumption as I am prone to be using more of that, but I considered using the blank reverses of the manuscripts in order to keep me from using new sheets. We have a number of 1.5 litres Coke plastic bottles which I have converted as a hanging pot for my orchids, and I did more than that. But what made me make this post is the urge to keep reminding you of the other tips that could help save Mother Earth. These tips are but simple, but you can help save our one and only Earth by following these: Turn off your light : When you do

Sa Pi-yes-ta!

Pi-yes-ta! n. isang handaan; bangkete, piging, malaking salu-salo; masarap na kainan; anumang bagay na nagbibigay ng kasiyahan; v.- magpahain (sa handaan); magpasasa, pasasain; kumain sa handaan; ipaghanda, ipagpista. We, Filipinos are known to be food lovers and with such admirable gastronomic appetites. And this is the reason why Piyesta owners Donna Mae Congson and her family have in mind when they conceptualized Piyesta KTV and resto bar. Located on the very facade of Robinsons Place here in Gensan, this place caters Filipino native dishes which are usually seen and enjoyed especially during fiestas. name it, and you'll have it. From platters to single servings, some dishes priced at only P99, good for 2. Isn't that cool? The place welcomes you with a modern but native look with its bamboo trails and a large wall with images taken from the festival activities in Gensan. Piyesta is now open. We were lucky guests to witness the joy and pride that Miss Donna and Emman a

No Charge

Snagged this from Sir Gilbert's facebook post, and i thought it was well worth sharing with you guys. Tears swelled in my eyes as I read it, enjoy! No Charge Our little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and he handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on. After his mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it, and this is what it said: # For cutting the grass $5.00 # For cleaning up my room this week $1.00 # For going to the store for you $.50 # Baby-sitting my kid brother while you went shopping $.25 # Taking out the garbage $1.00 # For getting a good report card $5.00 # For cleaning up and raking the yard $2.00 # Total owed: $14.75 Well, I'll tell you, his mother looked at him standing there expectantly, and boy, could I see the memories flashing through her mind. So she picked up the pen, turned over the paper he'd written on, and this is what she wrote: # For the nine months I carried you while you were g

Air Supply - Even that Night is Better!

Even the nights are better! Yes, way way better. I ended my 1 week holiday with a bang! Since Monday, I decided not to show up in the office as I felt so burnt out, I had to accompany my boy to school activities and I had to finish pending tasks, I lack sleep because of the too many OT works I bring home, so I decided to give myself a rest! A much needed rest. And so, when Friday came, I ended it while unwinding with hubby and friends to the tune of - watching the Air Supply concert. Air Supply Live in Gensan Air Supply invaded General Santos City, and the whol gymnasium was full, uber full. I remember those other concerts I have been to, the David Pomeranz and the Side A, theywere really not that crowded, David Pomeranz was also full but not so0 jam-packed as this one. I am so glad to have been a part of this historical event, Air Supply has been in the lips of everyone and all their songs have been in my playlist since last week. The duo may be already old, but their voices an