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Gensan is a Heavenly Fruit Basket

Southern Mindanao, specifically Gensan, enjoys a bountiful harvest of fruits despite typhoons and very warm weather interchangeably affecting the "BER" months. @ P100 for 3 kilos, these mangosteen fruits are sweet and presents itself as a healthier option for your snacks or desserts.  Lately, fruit carts and truckful(s) of fruits like rambutan, lanzones and mangosteen have been displaying their produce at national highways in the city. Other fruits including durian and marang also have a different station where you can buy durian at 30-40 per kilo depending on the variety. The best they say is the Golden Puyat variety, some would say it is arancillo, just the same, durian smell has been invading Gensan and neighboring towns. We are very fortunate to have these fruits at very cheap prices. A healthier way to fill the tummy, we buy more fruits now than junk foods. Better to buy lakatan (table banana) for munching during snacks than fastfood munchies.  Mangosteen