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What Truly Pays Off

A friend sent me this message earlier last week: Albert Einstein spelled out his formula of success this way: A=X+Y+Z where A=Success X = Work Y = Play Z = is keeping your mouth shut. In my present world where I work, I have found very disappointing instances where you see different kinds of actions and reactions only for the competition. I am not making myself clean here, but in the government, there are a lot of people who will continue pulling you down because you are performing better than they do; there are a number of co-workers who will accuse you of this and that without having to check how things came to be. I find that in the government, very minimal people give true value to work, and oftentimes, they are the ones who are just in the background. Those who are the noisiest are those who do less. I may not be the kind of person who will keep working and be content in little rewards, but I want to give justice to those who have worked really hard enough and yet keep t

Valentine's Day Work

Yes, even on Valentine's Day. I was out, I went to Polomolok, South Cotabato, 45 minutes away from my workplace and I spent half of the Valentine's Day orienting barangay captains about I really have no idea how I came to be teaching people, even high profile people like barangay captains and barangay officials, giving them talks about the program of the department which I represent. It is as much an honor as it is a task for me to be telling and sharing to people what I know about But no, I am not going to talk to you about the site, instead, I want you to know that I have been working even on Valentine's Day, but fortunately, the orientation ended a little past 12 at noon and I was dismissed early by the boss I was with that time. She's that sweet and considerate because it was the Day of Hearts. People have been telling me how come I have been too busy, but I say I am enjoying that's why I care less if I am busy, the important thin


The pictures may seem a bit blurry but this is what the daughter handed me when I arrived home today. She's just the sweetest girl, and even if she sometimes has this maldita attitude that I do not like, I still love her because she's my daughter, and she can be really sweet if she wants to, the kind that sweeps her father off his feet. Well, what do you know, she's 6, but she's really creative, not to mention, very thoughtful. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, though late my greeting may be! Mwah!

Current Read: Francis Kong's Only The Real Matters

This is my current read. And I have been reading the entries every day, some I keep reading over and over again. Francis Kong is just one wise guy and I am just so engrossed with his messages on this book that I swear I can read them over and over again. For me, Francis Kong presents himself as a teacher here, one who provides real matters and tells you how one can live the life despite the trials and the struggles, and despite the different characteristics we portray in our lives. Francis Kong provides true stories in his book and even his own experiences with regard to people, business, travels and even to faith. I love this book, and I can assure you that when you read it, you will, for sure, be blessed, grow wiser each day, and learn a lot of things. What have you been reading lately? What's your current read? Is it something to do with only the real matters in life? Or something that entertains? Also on my current pending reads include "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

34, Older and Wiser

It's February 7, I am very thankful for the new year that God has once again added into my life. I'm 34, I have been counting the days until I reach 34 and it swiftly arrived without much ado. Life has been very good to me while I was 33, and now I am wondering what will happen because I turned a year older. Life goes on, absolutely, and I am glad that as I age, I become wiser. Thank you to those who remembered my birthday. I am very overwhelmed at the many greetings you all gave me, from Facebook to texts and even personally. I didn't get to have a really grand celebration, just a small dinner with family and close friends at Bigby's which made me smile and I wanted to hide because the crew sang me a song, too loud for everyone to know it's my birthday. Ahhh well, you only get to celebrate birthdays once a year, therefore it must be at least, special. And I did have a special birthday because I spent it with family and friends, and I am thankful for what has

Bloopers Galore

Did I already mention I have new bosses? Yes, I do, and during the the Turnover Ceremony for the new bosses, the new Regional Director and the Assistant Regional Director, I was the emcee. It got me thinking how I have endured the shame because I've had bloopers done on the turnover. While mentioning the field offices and their heads, I forgot to mention the team where I belong, and the technical division. After having corrected what I have forgotten, I also failed to mention the Mediation Arbiter Team and the head. Hayyy. I wasn't really supposed to be the emcee, but was assigned the very morning of the event. i didn't have enough time to prepare for what to say but I think I did well. We were all so hungry because it was almost past 12 and the event isn't done yet. Everyone was clamoring for the length of the event and so I asked somebody to pray for the food, until someone nudged me and reminded me to call the Technical Division Chief for his closing remarks. Waaaa