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My Two Cents on Brotherhood, Fraternity, Sorority

When I was in college, my parents have reminded me over and over again that getting to clubs that do not put value to your studies first is something that should be avoided. I have kept that in mind. However, I have learned that on her second year, my sister joined a fraternity without my knowledge when I should be keeping an eye on her. So she went home and I was wondering where on earth did she get those bruises and hematoma, no cuts, just violets and green on her legs? And then I knew she had joined a fraternity that initiated her that moment to become a sister to a brotherhood. I have kept silent about it, because what happened was to her own liking. I may have told it to my parents after the bruises were all gone, but she was already part of the club and she takes great pride in what she has done. My belief though does not join my sister's. Not until after college, and I was sworn in to be a member of an exclusive law fraternity and sorority. No initiation rites, no p

Join the Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014

I have oftentimes dragged myself to wake up earlier than the usual to go jogging and walking especially on weekends. I have pushed myself to do something relevant to my health, even before the diagnosis of the heart condition. I drive myself to walk, and do a little exercising or zumba if it can be done. But that's somehow lessened, if not stopped because of the heart. I am afraid that the heart will collapse if I make it weary. I know I am not god to tell the heart when to stop and what to feel, that's why I am being careful. But I was also told that a little walking/jogging won't hurt and short runs can do good to exercise my main pumping muscle.  So here's a good thing I'm doing again with my friends. The Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014. It will happen on July 19, 2014. The Run  starts at Veranza Mall and you have a choice of registering for the following:  I am sure it will spell FUN. Let's just say that Fun runs have always been a hit for my

The Event that was The Social Media Day

Many people have managed to learn about technology because of the unending supply of new gadgets that hit the market. From phone devices to laptops and tablets, and there's the smart watch which one can use for notification of having an email or a direct message. There are a number of ways one can directly message someone, or leave a note to friends or even check what's going on in the country and elsewhere.   And how can one use these gadgets but not be connected to the net? Of course we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Plurk, and other Social Media sites and apps that one can use for communications and flaunting purposes. Believe me, these are the things that consume us.  How many hours do we stay on the net, checking our emails, and stalking our friends over Facebook, checking what food they eat, where they are or whom they are with? You do agree with me also, that these are the things that sometimes, you just can't live without, right? So we in Gensan also