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Current Read: Mario Puzo's The Godfather

Mario Puzo's The Godfather - I have been keeping this book for years already. I don't even know how this came to be in my possession. But after years that it has been in my bookshelf, and after several tries of leafing through the pages and not finishing it, once again, I have become engrossed with the story.  It's engrossing because it talks of a family, maybe more of a Mafia-kind but the story revolves around the strength of a family, their weaknesses, how they cover for each other, how they take revenge against the evil that's been made upon them, and how they deal with each other's characters. It is interesting to note how the Don was able to manipulate each of his children's lives, yet, giving them enough freedom to do what they want and enjoy what they want to do, all under the scrutinizing eyes of Don Corleone.  I am already almost done with the book, and what's next in my pending reads are 5 of Grisham's novels. While I am trying to be

May 1, Labor Day 2012

Come May 1, while you all may be in your respective homes enjoying the holiday, I will be working my head off because it is the most important day in the life of Department of Labor and Employment, or maybe not. During the May 1 Labor Day, there are Jobs Fairs being held in most parts of the country and these jobs fairs are being jampacked by hundreds, even thousands of jobseekers. While some of these applicants creep their way into the crowd trying their best to get that job they are eyeing for, others are on the streets rallying against the government just because they don't have a decent job, or, that they have been working theirs butts off and yet, earning so little. While it is true that May 1 is Labor Day, meaning Araw ng Paggawa or Araw ng mga Manggagawa, this does not refer alone to those laborers, construction workers, those who perform heavy jobs, but also to everyone who labors and toils in order to provide food for their tables. This day is also dedicated to

P10 Wage Increase in Region 12

Okey, everyone, let us all close our hands in grateful prayer to the Lord Almighty for giving us... Dyarannnnnnn... DOLE XII Wage Order No. 17, providing an additional of ten (P10) pesos per day as minimum wage for the workers here in Region 12. This means from P260 minimum wage to P270 effective April 18, 2012 for non-agriculture. Click the image for larger pic, also, email the author (sdumalay[at]gmail[dot]com) if you want to read more details of Wage Order No. 17 for a pdf copy. For questions and clarifications, please call DOLE (083) 228-2190, or RTWPB 520-0129. For those who  are working online making free android apps , this P10 wage increase in the region is but teeny-weeny when they are earning moolah in the name of $$$. But then again, an increase is an increase, big or small, it's still a blessing. We must give thanks for every blessing we receive. 

April 22 is Earth Day, Time to Change our Ways

This April, we will be celebrating Earth Day, specifically on the 22nd.  Having said this, I wonder how many people know we are going to celebrate Earth Day. And, I wonder how many people celebrate this special day by just making sure that they take a grip and check themselves on how careful are they in taking care of the only livable planet we have in the whole universe. I for one, am very observant of the ways people take care of Mother Earth. In fact, I wanna go ballistic when my father cut down trees and knowing how he is when he has decided on something, I just did my own way of restitution. I planted 2 calamansi plants although I know they are not the trees that my dad has cut down, I still believe they will make a good replacement. Keeping the state of Mother Earth in mind, I will surely plant more trees, hopefully find a good place where I could bury the good seeds.  Reuse, reduce, recycle. These three words have become very powerful to me. I have always been a g

How I Spent My 5 Free Days

The Holy free days that we were in our very own home made me a very productive mom. I cleaned the house, cut the grass, trimmed the bushes, did the laundry, changed curtains, and did all that I have enlisted I will do. We again laid out the mini-pool, and dipped into it, no matter how shallow it was. Didn't go somewhere because it was burning like though I haven't been there, hell. But of course, I did not forget to bond with the kids, sleep longer hours, read some of my long overdue readings, watched TV, cuddle, played games with them and eat whatever there is in the fridge. And so I cooked. There was not a day that my presence wasn't found in my kitchen. From breakfast till dinner, and the in-betweens, I made sure that I was looking after what the kids will eat. Truth be told, it was my way to cover up those days that I am not with them, not cooking for them. The five full days that I had to cook, I made sure that I follow a book's featured recipe, or check onli

Easter Reflections

I have actually tried to work my way in making my very own Photoshop masterpiece for the reason that I really am no geek when it comes to graphics. I was sweating real hard to make things work as I make my very own jpeg version of the above, until the husband saw me having difficulty with what I'm doing, pitied me and ended up doing the photo himself. So, I failed. Ack! But this failure will not continue for long. I made some self-reflections and I thought that whatever mistakes, incapability, overrated reactions and low self-esteem will slowly be banished from my system to a renewed ME. Hence, all the Rs. 1. Rectify all the wrong words that come out of my mouth, and replace with appreciation and positivity. 2. Renew the spirit. All positivity must flow, ignoring the bad vibes and making good in every small thing. 3. Recycle what needs to be recycled, for the good of Mother Earth. 4. Reuse not only things but also ideas, reinventing oneself in order to attract self-improvemen

Panahon Ko Ito, Panahon Mo Rin Ba?

Ikaw ay ipinanganak noong 1970s-1980's kung... 1. Nakapanood ka ng Voltes 5, Daimos, Shaider, Bio-man, Maskman, Mask Rider Black, Machine Man at kung anu-anong TV s itcom ng Ja pan na isinalin sa Tagalog. Nanonood ka ng Dayuhan, at tuwing naglalaro k ayo ng mga kaibigan a y taas-kamay mo din silang sinusundan ala-Dayuhan. 2. Alam mo ang jingle ng Nano-Nano. Kumakain ka ng I Won, Iwon at masaya sa nakukuhang .25 cents sa loob nito. 3. Naglalaro ka ng Langit-Lupa- Impyerno, Washington, Entrance, Jolens, Sipa, Touch the Body, Monkey- Monkey, Prikidam 123, Land-Water-Air-Go, Syato, Luksong-Tinik, Luksong-Baka, 10-20 at kung anu-ano pang larong nakakapagod. 4. Pumupunta ang mga taga- MILO sa skul niyo at namigay sila ng samples na nakalagay sa plastic cup na ka sing laki nung sa maliit na ice cream. 5. May malaking away ang mga METAL at mga HIPHOP Nag-aabangan s a labas ng skul na may dalang baseball bat at kung anu-ano pang mga sandata. Sikat ang kasabihang "PUNKS N

Earn this Summer with DOLE's Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)

Special Program for the Employment of Students Now on Its 20th Year Summer break is a time when high school and college students have nothing to worry about. Some students though, choose to be productive during this summer season. With this, the Department of Labor and Employment provided students a chance to be able to earn with the creation of the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES). Mandated under RA 7323, the program intends to develop the potentials of poor but deserving students to finish their education by engaging in employment during summer vacations and Christmas breaks. The program was later amended under RA 9574 which took effect April of 2009. Participants to this program are assigned to work in SPES-registered private establishments, government institutions and departments. Work duration is a minimum of 20 days but not more than 52 days. Participants are entitled to at least a minimum wage. Of this, 60% is paid by the employer; 40% is paid by the Depar

Inherited Genetic Traits? Where From?

First Honors: Raine Cassandra D. Dumalay Word Smart Number Smart Body Smart Nature Smart I am not surprised that she'll get the First Honors because I believe in her wits and her capability, but I also did not expect too much for there are still many others who have tried their very best in reaching the top. I was surprised when the teacher sent me a message informing me that the daughter is First Honors and that I have to make her Valedictory speech. I couldn't be any prouder. The jubilation I felt cannot be equaled, and I felt that even with the time I gave them, or the lack of it, my children still managed to be good in their studies. She got 5 medals, but the first in this post is my favorite of all. Good thing we were accompanied by the granny and the kuya who also went up the stage to place the medal on her. The kuya also got very good grades, however, because of the strict imposition of the school that students must reach an average of 91 before they are given