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Firing No More

Since last year, I and my friends from graduate school have been planning for a firing spree. Most of my friends in graduate school are policemen/women, one is an agent of PDEA who is armed in almost every day, another is a BJMP staff who makes sure that jailed people do not get their freedom in his stead.  And because the plan has been inadvertently postponed every now and then, it took us a number of months before the actual event transpired. While I was getting ready, I was the first one they called to try the 9MM pistol. I was shaking, my hands were cold even though we were already briefed on what not to do, and what we should do during the actual firing. After three or five or seven trials with the loading, trigger, and the firing, I still couldn't get to load the gun. And after several tries, I waved the empty gun to my audience, making them shout at me for not following that cardinal rule on gun safety: Always consider the gun loaded, and never point the gun to anybody.

On Achieving Work Targets

I rarely complain when work is the topic because I know I will intentionally lose myself in the argument. I have always taken the guilt for being the youngest in our team that is why much of the bulk of work is on me. I have been feeling a little more than stressed lately and my blood pressure can't seem to go below 140/110 but I am taking things in stride because I have a family too, and I cannot just live for the work placed upon my shoulders. But I enjoy work, and that is an understatement. Maybe because I have loved the kind of work that was given me and I enjoy the service to others that I always feel like it's a chance to helping out the needy. I take it on me to support the needy especially when they really need a shoulder to help them. I have this passion for making good with my work that at times it leaves nothing for me and the children.    I get accustomed to going to trips because I have to send myself there in order to conduct orientations, give lectures,