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March 1 - Day 1 of the Busiest Month

Another month comes, and this is the busiest of all months of the year for our small business. I am already stressed with work, but I have to deal with this because this will mean a lot for the family's year-round finances. Good thing Kalilangan is over, I can already concentrate with this extra work. Thank you Lord for the renewed energy! It's also Fire Prevention Month! Last Friday while we were having fun with some friends, two firetrucks passed by with their emergency sounds going north. Another firetruck passed by going to a different direction. Fires have been really rampant here, that's because we've been having frequent brownouts and mishandled candles are much the cause of these fires. So i ask you to be really careful and alert at all times. We had a blast at Kalilangan, and the fun was doubled because of the blogger visitors we have had. I will soon blog about it, am just waiting for hubby to edit the pics. Be safe you guys!

Kalilangan! Manayaw ta sa Dalan!

On the news early today: 3,000 chickens slowly dying due to dehydration. Fishponds being readied for fish scare. Typhoid fever outbreak. Measles outbreak. Dehydration! And later while bloghopping, I stumbled upon this: This is how hot our earth is coming to. So sad, but this is reality, it really is very hot. I don't know how to pacify my kids in this sacrifice, the aircon is a must, but the frequent brownouts are making our lives miserable. But this cannot stop the Generals from celebrating! It's Kalilangan Festival and this Saturday will be the Big day! I will be having blogger friends come visit us, so this is one reason to be happy! Check out the schedule ! The heat will not keep us from chanting, Kalilangan! Manayaw Ta sa Dalan! Happy Kalilangan Festival General Santos City!

Earth Hours Too Soon

It ain't March yet, and we are already experiencing daily Earth Hours. More than three weeks and we have been busted with daily round of brownouts due to the energy shortage. It is very disappointing, especially in the office when you have to deal with daily energy cuts, and the fact that you do not know when it happens. The electric cooperative here in Gensan has resorted to a daily dose of rotating brownouts, so this leaves us with no clue as to when and as to how long this will happen. We in the office find it disturbing because there may be times when we have forgotten of saving our works at all, and the power just dies. Some may scream at disgust, and some may just shrug it off, but it sure is a burden. I have layers of manuscripts to read and there's no power, the bad thing is, I have deadlines to beat. Too bad, but this gives me an advantage as well, 'coz I can just go out of the room, find some light and get a book to read, and catch up on it. But it sure is ho

Fight the Big S

I dunno if it is stress, but my eyes are strained lately. The fact that my desk is overloaded with manuscripts to read and materials to edit, you bet I am so tired especially in the afternoons after work. But let me share to you a few tips to fight STRESS. These are really simple and healthy tips, one that you can always effortlessly do, and you don't know, is fighting the Big S. 1. Eat a healthy diet. You can never go wrong with a healthy diet. In the mornings, eat plenty, at lunch, eat moderately, and eat a few during dinner. Be sure to get yourself proper helpings of carbo, protein and vitamins. 2. Exercise. Yes, i am guilty here. It's because I always do not have time for one. Uh-oh, ok, excuses. The truth is, I am lazy whenever doing physical exercises is concerned. But hey, doing a daily routine of warm-ups and stretches is sure a de-stresser. You're lazy too? Walk! Just walk a few rounds in your subdivision, in your street, and to make it more sophisticated, wal

New Family Member

I am so excited, the kids are excited more. It's a he, though I really wanted a she. Nonetheless, I am so thankful he is joining our small family. The kids are ecstatic and waiting eagerly for his coming. We are counting days, probably on the 6th of March. And we have named him Sprite. After a lot of arguments and deliberations as to how we will call him, finally, the kids and I agreed that he is to be called Sprite . It may be a late birthday gift for me or an early Valentine's gift, but his arrival is much anticipated by my small family and our pack of dogs too. I just hope his arrival changes the kids' discipline and lifestyle, as he is surely another mouth to feed. But I am sure though, that the kids will love him more, as he is ever going to entertain us all, furs and paws. His mom looked a little furrier than this fellow, so I am expecting Sprite to be a little more like his mom too, furrier and much cuter. And yes, we're having a pure-breed Japanese spitz

Dearest Mommy

Dear Mommy, One day more and it's another special day for the two of us. For me, because i'm a year older, and for you because 32 years ago, I gave you pain from delivering me to this earth, and know I gave you joy because I came to you and Dad's lives. Thank you very much for all the things you made me today. Because definitely, what I am now is because I have you with me. Thank you because you made me stronger, with what I see in you, it has made braced me to face life with trust and faith in God. Thank you, because what I am trying to instill to my children today are the good values I have kept, because that's what you taught me. Thank you, because you only have the best wishes for me and my siblings. Thank you, because each day I live, I remember your love. The pains and the joys you have experienced while rearing me, and the times you didn't sleep because I was sick. I may have forgotten about all of them now, but thank you because I am alive. Thank you