Friday, February 5

Dearest Mommy

Dear Mommy,

One day more and it's another special day for the two of us. For me, because i'm a year older, and for you because 32 years ago, I gave you pain from delivering me to this earth, and know I gave you joy because I came to you and Dad's lives.

Thank you very much for all the things you made me today. Because definitely, what I am now is because I have you with me. Thank you because you made me stronger, with what I see in you, it has made braced me to face life with trust and faith in God.

Thank you, because what I am trying to instill to my children today are the good values I have kept, because that's what you taught me.

Thank you, because you only have the best wishes for me and my siblings.

Thank you, because each day I live, I remember your love. The pains and the joys you have experienced while rearing me, and the times you didn't sleep because I was sick. I may have forgotten about all of them now, but thank you because I am alive.

Thank you for the nights you reminded me of my assignments, and my lessons. This is one thing I am invoking to my children. The discipline I give them, rooted from you. I believe this will keep them in good hands, because look at me now, I have grown fine.

Thank you Mommy because you are my mother. And in this special day for the two us, I am most happy because you let me enjoy LIFE.


Ging ging


escape said...

so sweet. inspired ngayon ang nanay.

Eds said...

aww! sweet post sheng. happy birthday to you. more birthdays and more blessings to come.

Jeanny said...

happy bday Shengskie. MOre blessing to come. Muahhh!!!

kg said...

ging ging ka pala ha! he! he!

you know, we may not know it, but we become like our parents when we have children. diba?

happy birthday to your mom sheng! and advanced happy birthday to you! :)

BlogusVox said...

Happy Birthday, Ging-ging!

And give my regards to your dear sweet Mom!

Anonymous said...

i miss my mom more with this post!
happy birthday!

RedLan said...

Swerte ng nanay mo at ng mga anak mo na nagkaroon sila ng nanay na tulad mo. Happy birthday Sheng!

mordsith said...

ang sweet mo naman, sheng. you shared your special day with your mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet. Happy birthday to you!

Oftentimes we focus on ourselves when it's our birthday (I'm guilty of that) but like what you did, we should all thank our mothers for bringin us into this world and taking care of us.

There's this custom of eating seaweed soup in Korea when one celebrates a birthday. It's because when a mother is pregnant she eats seaweed (no matter how icky it can be) to make sure the baby becomes healthy. The act of eating seaweed soup is to honor one's mother for her efforts.

brVince said...

from your daughter?

My Yellow Bells said...

you made me miss my mom! sigh! bbut I called her today. how nice of you to write a letter to her on your birthday. so sweet!

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