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Ebook Reader or Android or None at All

I am not really an envious type when it comes to material things, and I don't have much liking for gadgets that I cannot purposely use. I suck at technology because I think what I need will have to satisfy me, but since e-book readers are the "IN" lately, I feel a twinge of envy whenever some friends of mine open their Galaxy Tablets and Notes and large Androids because they want to read a book.  My previous relationship with an e-book ended last year when the BIL exchanged my LG Optimus 1 to the latest LG Optimus P500, and all my e-books were there, and I haven't asked the husband to install one on my new phone because I don't want to scare the veins of my eyes for fear that, just like the old Optimus 1, I would use on reading it even on a rough bus ride to work. Hence, no e-book reader on my current phone.  Yet, because of my present work, I think I need one. No, I think I want one. However careful I am with my present state of health, and nurses would s

White Water Tubing - Off my Bucket List

Okay, it was actually because of work that we went to Maitum Sarangani Province just this Tuesday, and I am glad that I did because after work came pleasure.  One of the things in my Bucket List is actually White Water Tubing in Maitum, Sarangani Province. The gushing of water hitting the rapids is one that I fear because for a fact, I am a coward when it comes to water. I fear getting drowned. When I was younger I had a bad experience that I was being pulled out of the water because for some reason, I went farther than the shore and I do not swim.  Fear gripping me when we decided to give it a try. My two friends and I hailed a motorcycle to bring us to Pangi River where the rapids can be heard and it seems a good scare to try it. But we did.  Cold water, gushing rapids, huge rocks. But we have conquered all of them. Now that's what you call will power! This experience is one stricken off my bucket list.

Continuing Education for a MOM

School is almost finishing up, and I have no news about what happens next. We are anticipating a movement in the office, a re-shuffle of regional directors as well as subordinates. However, with the election ban up in a week, I am not sure whether we will be stuck in the same divisions for a while.  I have planned of going back to Law School if I get a transfer back to General Santos City, though it's only an hour's ride from Koronadal City. However, I sure would love to be moved back to where I am near my kids. Going back to Law school is material to me, because I think it would help me harness my wits, and hone my thinking skills. But I do have Plan B, if not being to get that transfer, I'd love to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Management or Public Administration. Now, that's something that also needs some thinking skills there.  Will it be pushed through? I do not know, but for sure, hopefully this coming June, I can get the time to go back to s

Hurdling NAT Tests

My son is taking the NAT Test this week. The moment I knew he's taking it because he's already in the Sixth Grade, I cannot help but compare how our lives have been when I was in the Sixth Grade myself. I used to study a lot, and as compared to him, he is more focused on watching the TV, playing in his computer and listening to music. I doubt if there are things that's retained in his memory considering they are having review lessons every now and then. Things are far different now than before. Kids are so lenient in their studies that the tendency is for me to scold them because of that. Technology has to blame for this, without it, they could have been in the study mode more often. Well, I'm not really surprised about that but I feel that there is a need to discipline the kids when it comes to these kinds of issues - studying. I find that one who goes into tutorial will get more focused on what is needing focus especially that most of his friends are into tutorial

Balot Island, Kalamansig Sultan Kudarat Exudes Naure's Best Promises

The road to Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat is long and winding. With so many negative news about the place, one can't help but think what awaits us there, what will happen to us in the next 4 days and whatever will our nights be made of. After the 6 hours of travel from General Santos City, we reached Lebak at 3PM, wishing in our hearts that life will be good to us and that our event will be successful. I may have heard of some bad reviews about the peace and order in certain places in Sultan Kudarat but you have yet to prove it once you arrive in a place, something which I would like to negate... for when we arrived, the place was peaceful, very relaxing, very laid-back, something which I miss very much because of my life in the city. Excited is an understatement for me, because aside from the work that we are hopeful to finish, we are much more excited by what awaits us in the half day that we are to waddle in the waters. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden change of schedule w