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The Art of Hosting and Why I Don't make a Good Host

I'm not really good in hosting. In fact there are times I feel jealous of those DJs and other hosts who can just blab about anything under the sun trying out good spiels and remarks while on the microphone being the master of ceremony. Neither am I good in making up a scenario where the people can enjoy what I would want to share with them. And I am not too confident with my English, sometimes I just don't make sense when I am on the microphone.  But having been recommended to host when the Secretary of Labor Hon.Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz came to visit Region 12 and launch the Child Labor-Free Barangay was a great honor, I wanted to do it even if by all means, I'd get all the shame blame.  And when the show started, my knees went jelly, my tongue got tied, and my eyes were blinded by the glaring halogen light up above my melting face. Until such time I unfroze because it was turning out good. We were already doing a good show when suddenly there was no

The Aftermath of Ofel's Wrath

What I was hearing on the news the past few days were quite scaring the wits out of me because it warns us of what Ofel, the Tropical Depression turned Typhoon with Signals 1-3 in different areas of the country can do. It can uproot trees, create huge waves, and many others, but overall, create a destruction as if we have not enough of what we already are having in the country. I believed everything I heard, but was not expecting it to be in Mindanao or even the General Santos City area as we do not usually get storms to land in a mountain/hills covered land area.  But times have changed. And what I was not expecting--- happened.  Taken outside our gate. And the street is all covered with water. And the worst thing is that, our house is a tad lower than the street is oriented at. So imagine how high the water could be inside our very own shelter. It's been like this every time heavy rains drop in our neck of the world. Tsk tsk. Ofel's wrath is devastating... N

A Kiss of Kee's Cafe in General Santos City

 In need or in want of good Japanese food in General Santos City?  I had the privilege of visiting Manny Pacquaio's Roadhaus Hotel with several other bloggers and I was astonished at how Jinkee, the wife managed to pull her resources to give us a good hotel with all the expensive and imported materials put into good use. Roadhaus Hotel started last year and is already a tourist spot in General Santos City if only for the tourists to come visit the house/hotel that Manny built from out of his boxing career. It is not only because of the hotel per se, though, that people would want to come and visit this place, it is also for the great and mouth-satisfying dishes they offer with their imported chef  on the run in the kitchen of the hotel and one they called Kee's Cafe .  What we had while we were there was very fine-tuned Japanese dishes, one that I appreciate very much because of the completeness of the their presentation, from veggies to fish and also the favorite m


One afternoon while having late lunch inside Manny Pacquiao's and Roadhous Hotel's Kee's Cafe, he came in. A friend of mine shrieked to see him with his friends, and noticed him immediately. Cute, clean and smelling nicely, I just had the urge to request my personal photographer capture the impromptu moment with him. And his sweet smile! You do know who he is, right? Because I actually had second thoughts the moment I saw him come in.