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Discovering Davao's Discovery Science

So we are still in the Philippines and we just took a very short vacation in Davao City because I have promised the kids that I will bring them to Discovery Science at SM Lanang Premier. What's a short vacation worth but the smile on my kids' faces and the feeling that you have bonded with them even if it is for such a short while. So we went, and we had to proceed to SM Lanang first thing when we arrived in Davao City after lunch and checking in at a cheap hostel. I have heard good reviews about the place, and even Davao bloggers recommend to bring the kids here because they will surely love it. And yes, they did not fail me. I went there because I am a Mom who fulfills promises, and also because my kids love adventure, so this trip to the museum and the experiences they will get because of this trip will be stored in their memories. You will have a guide who will tour you inside the museum  and first thing we did was walk through an Earthquake simulator

For the Children in T'boli

When Jonallier called me to invite me for a trek, I was excited at the same time hesitant about going. I was excited because after a long while, somebody has again invited me to be part of a trek to Lake Holon, in T'boli, a place where a lot of travel bloggers have announced to be a place of beauty, peace, and oneness with nature. It was a beauty out there as they constantly say.  But why apprehensive and hesitant you ask? Because I have never been to a serious trek ever in my life. The first and only short trek was that on our way to Kinilis in Polomolok where you can see the coffee plantation and where the civet poo is being harvested for kafe balos. Next reason is that the husband is also hesitant because we do not have climbing gears to use, no mountain climber bag, no tent, no whatsoever. We only have a sleeping bag but it will not suffice, I'm sure. So I had to take a raincheck for that because of the reasons I have stated.  And then I saw a post that make