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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I always go to bed early. The very late that I come to bed would be 11 or before midnight.  I make sure that I get to bed early because as a mother, I have to wake up early to fix breakfast for the children. Second, my work which makes me travel an hour's ride from where I am coming from is priority that I reach the office on time. I want to be a good office worker, not someone who just arrives to the office tardy, and does overtime because she hasn't finished what she's supposed to be wrap up during the course of the day.  Being a mom is something important for me. In moments that I fail to go home for them, my heart aches. That is the reason why in my heart, I'd love to give them my time even in the preparation of their food.  I have missed being a teacher-mother. Reviews and study sessions have become less frequent now that I am working away. It makes sense that I finish work early so I can get to home early. And because of this, my sleeping time ranges ar


UP in the sky I walked. After the exhausting and mind-boggling 3 days of training for the Skills Registry System, I and two new friends roamed around the city of Cebu just to familiarize ourselves with its beauty. I have been to Cebu for a number of times already, I think this is my fifth, and since I have already explored a few places, I brought my new found friends to where my feet have brought me before.  But after the museums and parks have been covered, there is one place we'd like to try our eyes on, it's the Skywalk Adventure at the Crown Regency Hotel where you have to walk around the edges of the building, on the 39th floor. It was an exhilarating adventure for the three of us. We were at first shaking at the thought, but it soon dawned on us that while we were UP there could only be the chance we'd see the lights down below, the magnificent city lights and activities of Metro Cebu and its nearby areas.  It's amazing to be UP there, really! My ki

Why Do I Blog?

That's a question I have been answering on my interviews and conversations with some who ask me the very reason why my blog exists. It's not as if I am needing more money because a blog-holder seems to have that, no, I am not even up to monetizing my blog until I lately realized my blog has potential for earning.  I blog because I want somebody to listen to me. Some people who would allow me to rave and rant, and even if they do not know me well enough, they'd be willing to give their 2 cents through their comments on my blog. At first, I only needed recognition and friendship, because I think that I can write and some people would be loving me if I share my opinions about certain things. Now, it's a duty, more than a habit to be sharing what I know and what's new, or what just seems to be happening in my life.  Recognition, maybe. But the very reason is that, I want more friends and with blogging, I have found the best kind of friends that I have now. And

Gifts for Everyone

You've inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away -- but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go? That's too huge a sum of money  to be given away. I am not sure I would ever have to touch such huge amount but then again, for the sake of this argument, I will have to give 1/5 of the money to the church. The remaining amount goes to different charitable institutions like the Philippine National Red Cross so they can give added length of lives to those who need blood. I will be extending help to Greenpeace so they can use the money for making the world a better place. The money will also be shared to a charitable institutions for Persons with Disability. They can use the money for providing livelihood to the skilled workers even if they are PWDs.  No, I will not share the money with DSWD because I know that the money will only be distributed to some people waiting for the calendar day to r

Cholesterol Overload, Not Anymore!

I had a difficult bout with hypertension on March 6-8. Some of my Facebook friends knew about this that on that disgraceful day of March 6, just when my reason for going to the doctor was to have our Annual Physical Examination, the physician who examined me won't let me off the hospital because of a high blood pressure at that time playing around 240/130. Too high for me to be walking under the heat of the sun and working in the office they say. So, I had to rush to my work office, skip all that I've been doing and even if I don't feel like having myself admitted to the hospital, I did because of friends telling me I could get a heart attack or a stroke with that high a BP.  After telling my Mom about this situation, she helped me pack my things and we went to get me confined. And the culprit is too much blood cholesterol. The normal of which a human can have is -2, while mine's at 4.2. Funny thing is, I don't feel any symptom at all. And my doctor friends say