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Hopeful, Again

To the people who trust me enough with what wonders I can do, thank you. And to those who know nothing much but put people down despite their trying, I tell you, we can do better than what you say. I thank God for the gift of wisdom He has given me during that time when I was asking for His wisdom and love. He was there the moment I needed HIM to fill me up with knowledge. I passed the Career Civil Service Professional Exam after trying thrice. I just hope this is the beginning of something better. We were 351 passers out of more than 3 thousands who took it. That was an achievement,wasn't it? You know how much I wanted to be in the government service, and you know how much I have always wanted to be stable with my work, and I hope to dedicate the rest of my working days to the department I am working with now. Well, there are always chances, and the chance is close at hand. Another opportunity has opened for me, an AA6 post is vacant. And I want this position badly that I need t

Pet Peeve - K.

Okey, this is gonna be short and sweet. I hate people who, when asked about a certain thing and will have to reply a confirmation, sends you a text with just a single letter- K. Arghhhh. Is it that difficult to key in some formal answers so you could at least know what better information the other end should know? There are really some people who are like this, i dunno if they are just plain lazy or ignorant of the fact that the SMS is some sort of communication and it better be answered with formal replies other than K. Baka pwede lagyan na rin ng O para OK? Mas clear! Di ba? K? Grrrrr... Wala lang, somebody just texted me that. It irked me enough to make me post a blog about it.

Paraiso Verde is Man-made Paradise

I grew up in Brgy. Morales and when we were younger, we never expected the city to grow like it is today, very nice and already industrialized, with tall buildings and 3 major malls. Koronadal City seemed like a barrio when we were young, it was not even a city yet but a municipality. But it now has sprung into a beautiful place where night life can already be experienced and where bars and other places lively are to be discovered. Brgy. Morales was a silent place, it was once a rural area where agriculture and farming has been the ideal daily living of people, well, even until now, there are still some places where you can see farm and agricultural areas being planted by rice and corn. Even my Dad still has a huge garden of vegetables in Brgy.Morales. But our barangay has been very blessed and accompanying the blessing along with it is the grand Paraiso Verde, a huge wave-pool that has just opened last July 16. Thankfully, with the free tickets I won from GandaEverSoMuch

Faking the Smoke

I really hate smoke. My Dad smokes and some friends of mine smoke too. It is a good thing that I do not judge them because of the smoke they emit, or else, I wouldn't have good friends at all. Haha. But seriously, I hate inhaling second hand smoke or any smoke for that matter, except maybe those emitting from the smell of grilled tuna or grilled liempo. Aside from the fact that second hand smoke leads to so many sickness, it also is irritable to the nose which is why, even if I hurt the person smoking near me, I would cover my nose with my handkerchief just so I could not inhale any of his emissions. But thank goodness for people who dared to stop smoking and innovated the top electronic cigarettes . They could see the flicker of the cigarette end but it is actually the artificial light that you can see from there. These electronic cigarettes really look like the real ones, only, without the hazardous smoke. It is better they start this way, a slow withdrawal from cigarette add

Thankful Thursday

I have been praying for this, I have been wanting this, and I thank GOD that HE has blessed me immensely because of this good news I received today. The Civil Service Professional Examinations Result is out now, and I knew this because I logged in to plurk. I was actually thinking of not bringing my laptop to work but I just have to finish some tasks. It's a good thing I did! If you click on Region 12, my name is in number 121. Congratulations to me, and to all those who passed the CS eligibility. Like I said, to GOD be the GLORY!

Spend Less, or Nothing at All

Most of us have more than what we need already. I believe this. Sometimes we only buy the things we buy because of want and not because of need. Me, I tend to limit and save up. But there are times when I crave for food, and kids ask us to buy this and that, and I see things in the mall that I think I need and I end up adding them to my shopping cart. For me, there is this gnawing feeling of wanting to save more money. First reason is that we need to save up for emergency funds which the husband and I do not have. We only have some small savings that we sometimes tend to withdraw because of some lack of finances and never get to refill once we get some extra income. Everything about our family is budgeted, and we always remember to put the top things in priority like the house we have been paying for five years already, there's still twenty more years and that makes the second reason. Ugh! So this time, I promised myself to spend less, or nothing at all this coming days. It will

Harry Potter Fever

I already watched. I can't wait to see the last installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I skipped half a day at work just so I could spend some time with my husband and watch my most favorite series in a film story, and I watched in 3D. When Harry Potter was published many years back, I already knew I will fall in love with it, and I went on collecting its books, and I have 6, I still have to buy Book 6 to complete my set. I wonder what can equal Harry Potter and his adventures. If there's one thing I love about it, there's magic and suspense and fiction all in one story. I am also looking forward to Breaking Dawn, the first installment of the 2 parts of Stephenie Meyer's last book. But you know what, I still have a long list of pending reads, and I just can't seem to touch it yet. Just today, I was able to finish a booklet/module for the Region's Wage Order, and there is more I need to learn and study with regards to my job. But no books! Why d

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backswards

I just made 3 huge trays of this after I was gifted a basketful of ripe mangoes. And guess what? Di umabot ng dalawang araw, ubos. My kids love mango float, and I just can't pretend that I don't like it because it tops my desserts list. I (ahem) make a sinfully delicious batch if I have the time and the ingredients in my pantry. Yesterday, I bought another batch of ingredients and hopes to drop by the public market today for another bunch of ripe mangoes. Desserts? Mango float and macaroni salad. Smoothies? Mango shake and strawberry smoothies. Pasta? Any pasta or a nice white sauce carbonara. What tops your comfort foods? Oh, and please, if you have time, you might want to nominate me for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011. I have been running on the top blogs, and I appeal to you to include me if you think I deserve a chance to be one. Thanks.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

I was really very flattered when I learned that somebody close to me wrote a post and nominated me to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 . For many years that I have been handling this blog, I was not given any nomination at all, maybe because I am not qualified, that, or my blog is just too plain as it has been my personal blog. Haha! It was a challenge for me when I started Mother Instincts , a blog about motherhood, being a wife, a daughter, an office mate-friend and a mother-teacher to kids. I have become engrossed with mothering, and many other tasks, and getting into the family thing is what I have been doing for more than ten years now. Guess what? I am a busy mom too, with a day-job in the government service and a night-job online. But despite all the time that's been eating up my 24/7, I still have time to blog,and read other people's blogs. Hence, my nomination for this year's Emerging Influential Blogs. 1. Mother Instincts - Of course I am votin

Ten Words

1. busy 2. scared 3. anxious 4. excited 5. agitated 6. tired 7. lacking 8. broke 9. doubtful 10. nervous What the heck, all these are what I feel. What a pity. I need prayers for strength.

Getting Dizzy Here

Okey, I'm getting really nervous now with a lot of stuffs. Things have been on and off, way too busy for me, work and more work, and an online work, and kids, and husband, and many other extras. I can barely breathe, but sometimes God works in many ways that you can only be happy of the things that arrive knocking at your doorstep. My sister just got promoted as Labor and Employment Officer 2, and her post as Admin Aide 6 is vacant, since I have been on the eye for vacant positions, I couldn't stop asking myself if this is another sign for me to stay on and apply for her item. Truth be told, I have been making good with my performance and I know I still have a lot to prove. But then again, I cannot help thinking about the future. I need this work for my kids. It's the kids 1st Pre-final exams this week, and I am just so tired to teach them anything. It is such a good thing that my kids pick up what I said being able to review before exams. I see them surrounded by books spr

My First Attendance to a Muslim Wedding

Next to Christianity, Islam, is the world’s second largest religion. This religion was founded by the Prophet Muhammad and is the leading faith in the Arab world and in the Middle East. When I got invited to my first Muslim wedding, I got so excited because 1. I have never been to one yet; 2. I know it will be an eye-opener for me as regards to Muslim rites, and 3. I am open to learning different cultures and traditions. According to my short research on this matter, Muslim marriages are carried out in different ways as to the culture they are accustomed to. In the Philippines, Muslim marriages are arranged by the parents and relatives with the bride and groom. To Muslims, their women cannot marry outside of their faith. Muslim men however, can do so as long as their children are raised as Muslims. After acceptance of the offer of marriage, the groom must give the bride a "mhar" (gift or dowry). From what I learned in the Muslim wedding I attended, the groom gave cash a