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The First SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari - Day 1

Last Saturday was an important day for us Gensan bloggers because, as conceived by two of our our head master bloggers, Bariles and Orman , participants to the First ever Summer Safari hosted by SoCCASKSarGen bloggers arrived, and we had a blast with a grand bloggers' eyeball we gave them sponsored by PiYesTa, and the beautiful owner Donna Mae . The CDO and Davao bloggers were treated for lots of dinners, but I was not around to welcome them for the first two stops as I was hoping the Gensan candidates for Pilipinas Got Talent could beat other PGT contenders. I watched PGT and prepared for PiYesTa. They arrived quite late from the schedule because of their multiple dinners but we still had FUN with having to introduce ourselves with each other using our plurk names, haha! Plurk has been our only link, aside from the blogs we visit, and that makes us familiar with each other's activities, and even moods. There were 8 from Cagayan de Oro and nine from Davao City, who came an

Yay for Ten Years!

Ten years. We survived ten long years. It seemed so fast. It was only yesterday when we were walking hand in hand enjoying the cool blue sky, and dining at barbecue restos after office hours. It was only yesterday when we got to the church and vowed ourselves bonded by a love so unique, only the two of us can feel for the other. It was only yesterday when I carried a bundle of joy, and we were trying our best to become good parents. And then came another bundle of joy after six years. And was it only yesterday too, when our marriage was blessed with a house, and God blessed us with a car? Ten full years, and today, we are a complete family with two cute kids completing our lives. A home we could cherish and a relationship to strengthen. Ten full years of love, only love. Ten full years of steadfast love.Our love may have been tested, but look, 2 days will pass and we're back to okay. I have never gotten mad at you for a deep reason. Well, other than not answering your phone o

Our Very Own Landscaping Job

It's been a promise I have to keep, I plurked about this landscaping job, and some friends wanted me to post it. So here it is, I will now share with you what I and hubby have busied ourselves with, over the start of summer. After the long months of doing extra work with school souvenir programs, we gave ourselves one project that we must complete before all our earnings fail to give us evidence that we worked. So that holy week, when most people were on the beach and enjoying the waters, we were enjoying the dust and the grass. We were doing our very own landscaping job. Before pic - tall grasses surrounding the house On our area are grasses tall and standing proud. We are both busy with our day jobs that even during the weekends, we couldn't find time to arrange things as we busy ourselves with laundry, ironing and cleaning inside the house. But after much deliberation as to how we can clean the lawn and how we cam improve the landscaping, we came up with using bricks a

The Bee Has to Look for Much Honey

I got a new job! Well, not that I got myself a new job in a new office, but a few weeks back, i blogged about having to get myself another job. It's an online job where i get to be a content writer, writing reviews for some products. I got hired last week, so for a week now, I have been juggling two jobs! It's kinda challenging to me since I have to submit 40 articles in a week. Or 8 articles in a day. The good thing Is, it's a flexible time for the writing while I can still enjoy working in an office with my old job. The two jobs are related with each other though, in my office, I work as editor and it requires me to read, while online, I get to write, no problem with that. But, of course, my time is kinda limited now, I cannot enjoy myself with some social events as I cannot allow myself to slack with my writing tasks. The good thing is, I can still do my chores and mommy-hood tasks considering the new work is a home-based job. I still can blog and visit your blogs too


I have never really liked him from the start, and from the start means ever since I saw him on TV. And i don't even know why I have to blog my dislike about him. 1. For me, he has never showed proper respect to any of his co-hosts. He seems to always have something bad to tell a co-host on air . He always laughed at mistakes, even incidental ones. He acts as though his staff are his servants, and making them feel embarrassed on air is his glory. 2. I don't think his love and concern for the contestants were sincere, I always think they were but his pretentious stints. 3. He always pretends to be the kind one, the generous one, but it's not his money he is giving away. But then he gets the glory. 4. He makes rude comments to some contestants who are not proving good talent for him. He at times, make insulting remarks to the families of contestants. 5. Tupperware may be a durable plastic, but he is just the best plastic in town. I don't know why he is still in the h

Groping In the Darkness

If there are two words I could describe the situation here in Southern Mindanao particularly in General Santos City, it's this: SCARY HOT ! Despite the heavy rains we got last election day and a few days after that, we still have brownouts, and it's worse than ever. It's really hot here, especially now that we have these 12 hours daily brownouts. Even though we have been experiencing these brownouts since February, we are still not used to it, and will never be. Here's the schedule of our brownouts in the city, I know you know which group you belong. (Please click image for larger view.) I so envy other areas in the archipelago which enjoy 24 hours of electricity without power curtailment. I can only sigh!

6 Long Hours of My Life

I woke up at 3am, checked my inbox, then went back to sleep finding there's no message of good value there. I felt excited, very excited. I woke up 6am again, and prepared myself. While the husband has to vote here in Gensan only, I had to go to my hometown, an hour's bus ride away - Koronadal City, to cast my vote. Mom and Dad were already there in the polling place as early as 6am, and so were my sisters. I arrived at 8. Good for Mom who works in the elementary school where the election is held, she was allowed to sell goodies from sodas to junk foods, biscuits and candies. There were a lot of voters, and good luck was with my Mom, she was monopolizing the market as there were no other vendors in the place. The candies and biscuits were fast gone due to the heat and the tension in the place. Children come back again and again for the ice candy Mom was selling. So while I was waiting for my turn to vote bearing number 249, I helped Mom in her store. I couldn't quite und

Life Ain't Complete Without You

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. ~Jewish Proverb Dear Biboy and Tabebs, I miss you. While you are only 45 minutes away from me vacationing with your grandmother, I feel an empty space in my heart. It was only Thursday when you left, but I already feel the drowning silence inside our house. You wished for a vacation to meet your friends, one you don't always meet on regular days because of your parent's works. And now that I allowed you to go, it seems as if a hole is tearing me apart, I miss your laughters and shouts. I miss your kisses and hugs, and I miss reading bedtime stories to you. I miss cooking for you, I miss everything about you including you nasty acts. I just want you to know that I may never be the perfect mom for you, but I swear I am doing everything I can to give you the best things life can offer you. When you were still babies, I have kept you softly and securely in my arms, never allowing a single insect to come near

It's Okey to Laugh

Hey guys, just for fun, ito daw ikakatalo niya! The orange check! This is according to the hubby whose eye is seen here. Wahaha. Just some laugh before the election begins!

Earning Extra, Your Take on This

Have you noticed the increase in your electric charges lately? It's surging high! Even we here in General Santos, who by the way experiences brownouts to the tune of 9-12 hours daily are victims. With daily brownouts of last month, we were billed P612. As of yesterday, we were billed P750. Last month, we stayed home longer than this month since we had the longest vacation because of the holy week. Meaning, last month could have spelled higher electric charge than this month considering our usage. Just last week, I had the kids enrolled. The cashier told me they increased the P890 to P980 as monthly tuition. Gosh! And I am now paying for two since Tabebs is already ready for school in Kinder 1. Our water consumption is just the same as before but we were billed 312 when for many months now, we have not even reached their minimum of P192. Hayyy, I can only sigh at thea searing prices of basic commodities today. And gas prices is increasing daily! Gahhh. It is depressing to know th

Vox Populi, Vox Dei

A few days more and it is election time. The most controversial day, the most important day for us Filipinos, as we, the people will be deciding who will lead our country for 6 years. Yes, 6 long years. We have been complacent with the people who have ruled us, complained about the wrongs they did, but have we ever thought of ourselves what if we are placed in their shoes. What could we have done? On May 10, we will be practicing our rights of suffrage. To think well and to choose well, that will be our mission. I am actually tensed as what the outcome of our first ever automated election will be. The machines seem stupid to give out the real results as what is heard from the latest news, and election is just 6 days away. Very depressing. In other towns, the race for the positions are just too much, the killings, the criminal acts. They are just too much to take. I have served twice as an election officer, that was long before the automated election was borne in the minds of COMEL

River Talk

I was editing a manuscript for Reading Grade 3 when I chanced upon this story. The story got me that I just have to share it with you. I hope you get the lesson I have also learned. One thing I have to say, it always pays to have good friends. The rivers were a disgruntled lot. They had started out as tiny clear streams high up in the mountains and meandered through valleys and plateaus and plains. Their waters had swollen up during monsoons and had then reduced to a trickle during summer. But on the whole, they had flourished. And now, at the end of their journey, they had to merge with the sea. They would lose their precious freedom forever. And yet, they couldn't stop themselves from flowing, could they? So they flowed till they reached the sea. "This is too unfair!" they said sadly to each other. "It's bad enough that we have to merge. It is worse that our sweet and drinkable water becomes terribly salty and tasteless when we merge with the