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HARDWORKING This may sound very familiar to all of us, but this "hardworking" word has an almost different meaning now. Like common sense, which is not so common anymore, hardworking entails with it a different meaning. I actually got this view when I joined a seminar just lately. Hardworking, conveys a different and contrasting meaning now. Before: Hardworking = Characterized by hard work and perseverance . Now: Hardworking = Tough or too hard to push to work. Madaming ganitong tao ngayon, and most, if not all, even get much higher pay than those who are included in the first definition. Oh well, they may have worked their way up, but that does not mean they should stop working hard upon reaching their high post and rank, right? Oo, may pinariringgan ako. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magalit.

Cotabato Flood Victims

If your heart does not cry for this, or this, and this... I don't know what will. Remember then, to always count your blessings... For you are more blessed than they are. Taken last Sunday, on my very first visit to Cotabato City, braving the roads through Maguindanao and the ARMM areas. Heart pounding passing through the barangays where everywhere you look, you see peace-keeping forces.

Mangroves - Saving Mother Earth

Mangroves are trees or shrubs that thrive in saline water, thus, it normally can be found in seashores. Mangroves are trees that are exposed to highly extreme environmental elements like salinity, water saturation, dessication, and exposure to saline air because of the water breeze as they are commonly found near riverbanks and seashores. Mangroves however, have grown under extreme pressure from a lot of things. Human activities and interventions, most especially illegal logging has affected and led to the degradation of these mangroves. Using mangrove as wood products have highly affected mangrove development. There are also those which were unconcerned about the environment turning mangrove parks into aquaculture ponds and other livelihood. This June, as we celebrate the Environment Month, and being part of the SOCCSARGEN Bloggers group here in my place, I am proud to have been part of a successful event we have dubbed as Mangrove Tree Planting Party. Main mission of this activity

Thank You, Thank You

Dear Friends, In case you didn't know yet, I have been maintaining one blog called Mother Instincts . This new blog I have created is a proof of how tiresome mothers feel and how happily they do the works of a mother despite their own personal weariness, and how proud they become with their kid's achievements, and many others... In this blog, I have not been a loud-mouthed mom, but one who gives suggestions, recommendations and tips on how to become a good mother to your kids, a good wife to the husband, a good friend and workmate for colleagues, and a better friend to self. A few of you may have visited the site already, and even left comments and I am very very thankful for that. Last night, as I was browsing through the net, my eyes caught some website containing a link to his blog, and I was surprised that some guy nominated me and that I made it to Week 2 of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 . I could not believe my eyes, and thought that I was dreaming.

I Learned...

I learned to forgive because every wrong i did was forgiven, and Dad always urged to move on. I learned to forget because every wrong I did, was never reminded to me. I learned to risk because you were the one who taught me to risk. You even risked your life for many others on a ship when you were younger, and I was made witness to that heroic act. I learned to fight, because with every twisted act, you told me we must assert our right and never be bullied. I learned to love, because you loved Mom, and we are witnesses to that LOVE. I learned to listen because you were always there to listen to us, and even to our grannies too. I learned not to listen to negative things, because you told me it will never bring me anywhere. I learned to share because you were always a giver. I learned to be generous because, even with something small, you were ready to give what is left for yourself. I learned to become a good mother, because you are the father that I have, and you were my inspiration.

Coffee Madness

On my multiple visits to home of the most expensive coffee, Kinilis, I have learned to love the community there, I and my friends have taken the responsibility of sharing what we have for the children there. And I did my share of helping them to continue with education, and encouraged them to continue learning. As coffee lovers, I and my friends have ventured into something really special. And one thing that makes this venture special is that, we are going to help the B'laan community more with their livelihood. We have witnessed how they have grown and taken care of these coffee shrubs, picked these coffee cherry beans for us and selected what could be best coffee for daily consumption. coffee cherries ripe coffee cherries We have witnessed how they are as a community, and we are willing to help them with their livelihood. And because we love coffee, and we love to share... We will brew this very, very soon! Good luck to us!

Huling Hirit sa Tag-init

We left the city at 8am, it was raining in Gensan that time, and so was Davao as we were told. But we still went despite the pouring of rain on top of our heads. It was a Thursday, we planned to have an overnight stay at Bluejaz Resort in the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal where fine white sand can be found and where tourists flock during the summer despite the island being in Mindanao. Sir Gilbert, who was blessed with a lot and has been a very good family friend to us, shared his blessings and gave us an all-expense paid trip and overnight stay to Samal. I had to accept the chance since only the kids had the chance to go to iloilo for a short vacation while we had not been with them to treat them for summer. Welcome to the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) Samal island is a place of beauty. Clear and clean waters, it is abundant with marine life and one place in the island boasts oh having bat sanctuary in it. Since we only had a night to enjoy, we had to miss out on d

If You Don't Know this Yet

I just knew this. Do not place your flash drives close to magnets and cellular/mobile phones if you want your flash drives to remain useful. Most of us place our phones in our pockets along with the flash drives we have. Or, we place our flash drives in the same place we do our cellphones for easier search. I just watched this on TV and found out, the magnetic field being generated by cellphones and other magnetic devices can erase data on your USB disks, or even cause your flash drives to be broken and later on, useless. Obviously, I have nothing good in my mind to blog about. Sorry. But this sure helps, yes?

Going Back to Law School

To be or not to be, that is the question... That is what I have in mind right now. But I do not know if I can push through with it. I stopped studying law school school when I got pregnant with my daughter, Tabebs, who is already 5 years old now. I was in second year on the first semester then, and I preferred to take care of my baby bulge than be stressed with law school pressure. Last week, i had to indulge in a conversation with a client we had in the office, and he mentioned he was a law student too, in the same university I went to. We found out we had a similarity with the reasons why we stopped, his wife got pregnant also on his second year. As of today, since I am not yet a regular employee in the DOLE, things just are not in its proper place. I am just praying that God will lead me in the right direction and whatever His plans for me are, I hope to see it in the proper light. I am reading and reading the Wage Orders that the department has ordered. I want to answer q