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One Crazy Weekend

The kids are finally here. I have not told you this because the two weeks swiftly went, but my kids went to a short vacation in Iloilo City with their grandmother. And it was a heavy decision to make to let them enjoy vacation without us, since we could not give them the time they want for vacation. I could not leave work because as you can see, I am still earning good points to get a regular post, and the husband also has work to do, what with graduations and his day job too, so I have to ask MIL to join them. So off they went last March 13, we sent them off to Davao and they were quite enjoying every minute until last Wednesday, when MIL texted me the daughter has fever and the son vomits. I was panicky, and I could not settle down, not knowing the situation they are in. It was not until Thursday afternoon that the bad turned to worse and Tabebs was admitted to the hospital. It was not until 8pm when the son was diagnosed with amoebiasis and the daughter could be infected with the s

Earth Hour 2011

There are 8765.8127 hours in one year. The earth asks for only 1 hour , on March 26, 2011, Saturday, 8:30pm. 60 minutes of darkness, 60 minutes of CARING and SHOWING concern for Mother Earth. I am joining. Are you?

Coffee Dream, Where Your Coffee Dreams Come True

I drink coffee, in fact, a cup of good coffee basically starts my mornings. But I am not one who drinks more than two, I prefer a cup in the morning and one when I feel like it. There are a number of coffee shops here in our city, they are good coffee shops as well, but I prefer one that is just within the vicinity where I work, or where I frequent. Having one inside the mall is a blessing. And when Coffee Dream opened six years ago in my favorite mall, husband and I were regular customers, almost always ordering strawberry smoothies. Having Coffee dream re-launched is a good reminder that it exists because I have totally forgotten about it after being switched to another workplace a bit far from the mall. With more relaxing ambiance this time, it seemed more spacious and more convenient for business meet-ups. The choice of pastries and cakes are awesome, yummy pieces and delicious chilled coffee blends. They also serve non-coffee chilled blends, re-packaging the old strawberry smoot

Isn't IT Ironic?

i went to my internist today. i was actually crossing my fingers that nothing really bad is happening to me. i am afraid that what friends tell me would be true as to the doc's diagnosis. i was actually thinking of hypertension to be the culprit of my recurring headaches. i feel better this day, without the kids around, i took a leave and went to do errands, lots of errands and had to see the doc. the diagnosis stays as is: MIGRAINE. he just upped the dosage of the meds i will have to take. one is celebrex and another one is sibelium. i have normal bp when i got to the clinic so the idea of hypertension is crossed out. contrary to what others say that headaches might mean hypertension, my doc explained that hypertension is a silent killer, thus it may not give you any symptom of an attack. mine's purely migraine as the pain pulsates through the head, and i often feel the throbbing on my left part of head. there, that means no extra worries. i am actually careful with the food

Things We Need Less vs Things We Need More

I read this from Bursky's place . And in all honesty, I can say that all the things we need less must be converted to the things we need most. And it happens that we need not focus on the cost of these things, because apparently, they seem costless. Improvement comes from within, there are enough "BAD" in this world that we need to show responsibility and share something "GOOD". For self-improvement or for the good of all, we can at least lessen something and add more effort to achieve what is more valuable. WE NEED LESS: WE NEED MORE: Information Wisdom Shallow billionaires Passionate teachers Self-promotion Self-awareness Multitasking Control of our attention Inequality Fairness Sugar Lean protein Action Reflection Super sizes Smaller portions Private jets High-speed trains Calculation Passion Experts Learners Blaming Taking responsibi

Me, Now

Now, off to other positive things to blog about, I am feeling a little better now. I have to get better or else, I will continue feeling pain all over my body and having hoarse voice and having palpitations running after my runny nose, ack! Things are fine in the office and things are fine at home except that my kids will be going to Iloilo for a short vacation together with their granny. We will be sending the three of them off to Davao on Saturday, that makes us enjoy more of Davao (which I really missed) on a Sunday. They will be back after two weeks, so a little play while they are away is a welcome respite from waking up early to cook their breakfast. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and I vowed to limit my online activities as part of my semi-abstinence. I made good, I dunno how long that can hold though. I am not Catholic but having to limit online presence and trying to get more of HIS presence is more than welcome for me, reflecting life and what it has to offer. March is a bu

National What?

I belong to a group where there is freedom of expression, there are no rules, there is democracy in writing what I feel and being mum about what I think is not right. The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers is a thing of beauty for me. I consider myself a member of an open group, no officers, but with one vision and the mission to promote what is good and rich in Mindanao. People often see the bad and the bloody in Mindanao and we are writing to counter these negative attacks on our homeland. As an open group, many new bloggers have emerged, asked about us, what to do to join, but we answer them with a big: Just Write Good About Mindanao, and you are in the group. Now, as bloggers, we are not here to cover the truth, because as you can see, the traditional media has it all, war, hostages, kidnappings, massacres, they're all over the news screaming the general Mindanao. But instead, we just want a fair broadcast, if there is massacre in Maguindanao, that is a half day of ride before reaching Ge

Patience is A Virtue, God says Later

God answers a YES and a NO and sometimes, he answers you with a "later". I went to the regional office yesterday to present something in line with my job, but was welcomed with a sad news that I didn't make it, there was 9 of us and there was only one vacant post, but sure enough, there will be more retirees this year, so there will be more vacant posts in store for me. I know it is God's will for me and God has his reasons. It may be disheartening but that incident made me all the more encouraged to try out what they still have in store. So, Plan A continues. Review again for the much dreaded exams. Exams again? Ohhh, I haven't told you this yet, my CS eligibility is sub-professional so this means I have to take the professional level exams this May 22, I hope I pass. Reviews, and more reviews. I will get to meet Math more often, darn! Today, I am bitten by the flu bug. The stress and lack of sleep may have gotten into me since last week in preparation for the