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Away for Awhile

My work involves me into reading and editing, and me, being employed in a publishing company, sure needs to be upgraded with the latest in Publishing. And so, this day until Saturday, I will be away for a seminar in Cebu. The National Book Development Board will be hosting and conducting this seminar for writers and editors, and hence I will be there. I'll be back soon to share to you my experience. My 3rd time in Cebu and I hope to be enjoying there! Meanwhile, I am leaving you with this. This poster is placed on the cover of my CPU, I love her, really, I may not look like her but I'd love to have her face, eh, can I? I love to be me though!

Creative Swap: Round 2

For the crafty ________. I like your writing style, I have always loved your art, the way you love knitting as your passion, the way you are involved with your love for books, the way you deliver your stories through your blogs, I love them all. I just hope you will be happy with the humble things I made for you. These may not be the kind of stuffs you have been dreaming of, but I have given my best in order to please you with what I made. These are some loots I have included in my parcel which is on your way now. I wish you a bubbly day as you receive them. They may not be perfect for your taste but I have carefully created them in order to let you know I care for the friendship and the bond we will share through this things. I have included some coffee and chocolate powder, ready for mixing a chocolate drink. I hope you enjoy them as well. And I hand you over my favorite Curly Tops. Enjoy the wooden beads as I have enjoyed crafting on them too. Just enjoy everything, please. &q

I Am This Crazy

Okey, okey, I really am waiting for Twilight. I can't sleep, I want it now, but I guess I have to wait. Yes, be patient Sheng. My friend Anah in Wisconsin was able to watch it, and she's watching it with me again, but of course, I will definitely watch it on the 26th, so i dunno how many times i'll be watching it. Just look what hubby made me: Twilight Badges, I love them all. Who wants? Thanks Dadski, I love what you made me, you made me a happy soul. Everything was very beautiful. The Twilight craziness in me is overflowing... Gah, I better get back to the conference room before the boss notices my absence.

My Passion, My First Love

When I was in Kindergarten, a tita (aunt) of mine kept me going to her house because they had a library. She wanted me to be in love with her books and so I did. I frequented her house, and started out with Dr. Seuss' books. Soon, all her Dr. Seuss' books I have already read. After that, I read Enid Blyton's Choose Your Own Story . Nancy Drew also filled her shelves, and so I upgraded to Nancy Drew. I started with The Secret of the Red Gate Farm when I was in Grade 4, and from then on, I moved to Hardy Boys. Until now, all Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and other book collections I have had when I was a kid, I still kept. I am hoping my kids will value them too. Most of my friends read Sweet Valley, from the Kids, Twins, the Sweet Valley High, until I upgraded to Sweet Valley University. Most Sweet Valley University Series I read when I was in high school, until I found myself reading Sidney Sheldon's novels in college. It was an obsession I had with Sidney Sheldon, I can d

A Love Affair

I started with blogging in 2005, and I posted only 1. I did not return to it after more than a year. Then in 2007, I opened up an SMS from Odette announcing her site and this caught my interest. Another post came up, until I started to fall in love with it. This year, my archives started to improve and my love affair with blogging has solidified. I can already worry of what to post next and what pics to place in my posts. With each and every post, my heart goes along with it. There has been no post that I have not thought of and discerned of. Until I met fellow bloggers who appreciated my posts, and read them and understood what I meant in what I have written. This love affair with blogging has led me to become friends with people I have only met within the net. And yet, because we have developed a special bond of friendship virtually, there are just many friends still who come to me and offer more than just their posts but the real friendship. I thank the people who have made me h

6 Things That Make Me Happy

Mimi of Sleepless in KL tagged me with this. In order for her to know what makes me happy, these are my answers. I love to share these things to you too. She asked for just six, but there are really more that make me happy. Read on to know them... 1. My Kids - They are the most precious thing that ever happened to me and even if I get crazy over their antics, I just can't help adoring them and watching them transform into the kind of people I would want them to be someday. They sure are my bundle of joy, and they are my reason for living, yes, honestly. Because of them, I can go to the office and work, and not complain. I can only thank God because of them. Biboy, 8 and Tabebs, 2 2. A Worry-Free Life - I am happy because as many others suffer, I am glad to be the lucky one. I don't really have enough things to worry about, except I guess for bills and the kids growing up. I worry not because there are just too many favors God has given me and my family that I am happy be

A post-Halloween Story

October of last year was the first time I went to Cebu. I had my hubby tag along with me because this was our very first trip to Cebu and I want the two of us to enjoy Cebu as much as we can. Although I had a job to do there for three days, it also included going to places so I dragged him with me wherever I went. Our company is leasing a house there, one that could cater sheltering the branch manager and his family, so to cut costs, we stayed there. The company's vehicle was the one who was lucky enough to move us around Cebu and it's other cities. old white house in San Fernando, Cebu We stayed in this house for 2 nights. After all the visiting to places, this white house sheltered us. The morning before we left for Gensan, the manager and his wife, our friends too, were chatting about the house and how they were able to find it, it was so far from downtown city that we have to travel for an hour or more just to see city lights. Conversation took place and stories of ho

Love transcends all differences...

Last Saturday, we brought the kids to watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. My boy was excited as he was able to watch the first Madagascar movie. My 2 year old daughter was quite jittery too, because we are bringing her to the mall again, little did she know she will be watching a movie in a dark place. We were anxious because it was her first time and I am just scared that after buying the ticket, she might not want to stay inside the darkness-filled room. The place was packed, mostly adults and teenagers with kids in tow, and it was a surprise to us that my Tabebs was very brave to go inside without hesitation. We watched the movie in silence, only the kids noisy while munching their snacks. The movie was cool, all animals were able to display a different attitude towards each other, though they may be friends, it was a fact that they were all too different from each other. Melman was in love with Gloria, and Moto-moto being the third party in the love story. In the end, the gi

for those who can speak & understand BISAYA only

TO ALL FOLKS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1950's, 60' s, 70's and early 80's !! First, some of us s urvived being born to mothers who did not have an OB-Gyne and drank San Miguel Beer while they carried us. While pregnant, they took cold or cough medicine , ate linunod, balikutsa, bukayo and didn't worry about diabetes . Then after all that trauma, our baby cribs were made of hard wood covered with lead-based paints , ang uban kay duyan nga habol gihigtan ug pisi nga inigtabyog ug kusog ma pakong intawon ta sa bubong. We had no soft cushy cribs that play music, no disposable diapers (lampin lang sa General Milling nga naa'y faded picture nga nag-salute), and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, no kneepads, wala pa gyu'y brake ang bisikleta. As children, we would ride in hot un-airconditioned buses with wooden seats (Bisaya Bus nga pultahan puros ang kilid, Corominas Bus nga senimana ang brake), or cars with no airconditioning

The Getaway (Part 4): Feasting in Iloilo

Okey, on with the last of the four parts! I am glad this one is almost over, haha. From Boracay to Caticlan, the kids were excited to get to Iloilo and meet their cousins and Uncle Allan. The Ceres Bus started off at exactly 12pm, and the trip to Iloilo was the very cruel 6 hours! Yeah! We had our butts tired with all the sitting, and the road was not-so-fine. The road was kinda funny because there's some 1 kilometer of concrete road, and after that is a rocky road. A few meters away comes the good smooth road, and another ten minutes more of comfy sitting, comes the bumpy ride. Yeah. Right. It was that long the trip and very tiresome. Unlike buses here in Gensan and Davao area, when you say you ride in an aircon bus, you only ride non-stop to the destination, except for a stop to a nature's call. In Kalibo, aircon buses are all-stop, that is to pick up more passengers. Anyway, it was kinda fun too, there was a dvd marathon featuring Robin Padilla's movies. Haha, someth

The Getaway (Part 3): One Day In Bacolod

It truly was a great time when we were in Boracay, the kids enjoyed it and so did we. Very meaningful vacation for us because we had the chance to bond, after all the busy days in the office and the business, that Bora trip was really something to be treasured. But there's more! After we had the Bora experience, Hubby's brother asked us to visit Iloilo first, time to visit relatives and friends. Iloilo is nice, but before I blog about Iloilo, I will have to tell you about my trip to Bacolod. This is hubby and me's first time in Negros Occidental and mind you, it was wonderful! The trip to Bacolod was cool, we had to ride a fastcraft, we rode Mr. Weesam. We did not bring the kids as to not spoil the fun. For an hour we sailed towards the City of Smiles. The waves were splashing against our boat, and many people who have motion sickness just culdn't handle them, but if you ask me, well, I was asleep. The whole time we were sailing I was asleep because I just didn't

The Getaway (Part 2): Boracay Escapade

We woke up early and had dinner at the hotel we were staying, Mactan Pension House, we had a good glimpse of the sunrise over at Mactan Bridge, everything was just perfect, we had breakfast at the hotel and got ready for the flight to Caticlan. Our baggage were ready, and hearing about the issue on people getting weighed in Cebu-Mactan International Airport (aside from the baggae huh!), I was'nt surprised at all when they asked for each of us to step up and be weighed. I am not that heavy, hmmm, a sack of rice to equal with, am I heavy? the kids anxiously waiting for boarding We had a good rest while on air, and had to whisper our delight when we saw the Caticlan Airport, we were just busy to unload our baggage and so we forgot to take pics of the airport. We were fetched by the hotel's crew, and we had to ride the boat on the way to Cagban to get to Boracay. View from our boat, Cagban Jetty Port, where tricycles await passengers to deliver to Boracay's line of resorts