A Love Affair

I started with blogging in 2005, and I posted only 1. I did not return to it after more than a year. Then in 2007, I opened up an SMS from Odette announcing her site and this caught my interest. Another post came up, until I started to fall in love with it. This year, my archives started to improve and my love affair with blogging has solidified. I can already worry of what to post next and what pics to place in my posts. With each and every post, my heart goes along with it. There has been no post that I have not thought of and discerned of. Until I met fellow bloggers who appreciated my posts, and read them and understood what I meant in what I have written.

This love affair with blogging has led me to become friends with people I have only met within the net. And yet, because we have developed a special bond of friendship virtually, there are just many friends still who come to me and offer more than just their posts but the real friendship.

I thank the people who have made me happy with their comments, and to people whose generosity has overflowed and sent me these:

J, the curly girl who loves to bake and has a love affair with fabrics

My heart overflowed with J O Y when I got home and had these waiting for my return. Thanks a lot J. Ana. Hubby is so happy with this new mags, he's poring over them after we have settled in from our trip. He's actually engrossed and I am happy that he is, thanks so much. Ally my love to you J.

Kumareng Grace, the ever generous KG who loves to share and spread generosity.

Thanks Grace, I am so glad you sent me this postcard. Paris is one of my most sought-after places. I have a biological grandma who lives here, we want her to come back and live with us for good, but I don't know why she can't. I will write another post about this next time.

But for those who come and go, thanks so much for the visit. And I love you all. Virtually or for real, friendship is at its best when you understand each other and read each other's story, and not judge by the title of the post. ;-)

This love affair with the blogosphere is addictive, and I am glad to have met many friends like you who are just real inside and out, who want to share what is to be shared. Thanks and God bless.

What started you in blogging? Care to share?


iluvgreen said…
before i finally decided to create my own blog, i am an avid fan of odette, i read all of her posts,she inspired me specially her love story. Thanks to odette too and to you for always leaving a nice trace in my blog. I wish you more blogging years to come. Let's spread the blog love.
Anonymous said…
I started blogging right after buying my first DSLR - a Nikon D40 -- but abandoned it after 3 posts or so. Then I started again Feb this year, writing about the topics closest to my heart -- my kids, travel and photography -- and found myself writing almost nonstop. Only my schedule is preventing me from writing everyday. Or three times a day!

It's addictive in the sense that, in almost everything I do, I start thinking "Oh, this would make a good blog post!". You know what I mean? ;)
Eds said…
ya! blogging is so addictive.

my friend introduced me to blogger in 2007. but i got no interest in updating my blog by that time. after several months pinag isipan ko ngang i delete nalang ang account ko. but when i started bloghopping, many bloggers inspired me to write and continue updating my blog. until such time na nakilala ko kayo. nakakatuwa at lubos kung ipinagpapasalamat sa Diyos ang magkaroon ng mga kaibigan kahit sa net lang. malay natin sooner or later magkita-kita din tayo in person.

salamat ng marami sayo sheng!
Anonymous said…

I started blogging privately (by invitation only). I wasn't comfortable to share my point of views in the blogosphere. Pero hubby told me I should share my writings at opinions online as long na I don't sound Ms. Know it all daw. So then I started making my blog visible over the internet. Then, paid post raket starting to look good amo to banat blog asta subong. :)

Take care,

Anonymous said…
Hello Sheng! I'm so glad you appreciated the card! I'm glad to send it to you, my sweet friend. I should have sent you one when I was in Hong Kong. Kaya lang ratsada kami nun eh.:)

I started blogging primarily to share my travel experiences, but my posts have evolved to include anything under the sun! I invite you to read this post: http://kumarenggrace.i.ph/blogs/kumarenggrace/2008/01/12/welcome-the-new-yearwelcome-to-the-blogging-world/. That's my first post.:)

Have a great week sheng! Mwah!
Blogosphere is our community.. I don't know why am I blogging but I'm addicted to share my snaps with you good bloggers..
Anonymous said…
I created my blog only this year, but I've been blog-hopping and commenting in several blogs since 2006. I got a lot in my mind then that I decided to have my own.
Anonymous said…
since i was a kid until college, i used to write thoughts, emotions, and whatnots on the first paper (receipts, back of notebooks, etc) that i come across with. sadly though, most of it were lost now.

so here i am hoping to keep my entries forever, and if by chance my site got deleted, at least i could always ask my fellow bloggers what i've written. :)
Anonymous said…
correction: most of *those.

Michael Peligro said…
Thanks for blogging. I learn so much from your posts. GOD bless...
Mai da Paypay said…
sheng, what a nice entry. i have a gazillion blogs. but the maidapaypay blog has good feng shui because i got hooked to it. prolly also because the theme of the blog is something i really enjoy doing...cooking :-)

keep writin'!
Anonymous said…
J.Ana & kg are super sweet noh?

I love blogging and I started five years ago..up to now, I still enjoy the goodness blogging gave me. :)

Nice post sheng! :)
Gracie said…
A friend of mine who's been blogging for years and years encouraged me to write a journal. I did that for so many years, much like a diary, then I was hopping from blog to blog one day, liked what I saw (and read) and decided I wanted to maintain one too, so here I am :)
kees-jan & jess said…
it started out as a way for my hubby's family to keep up with him and me after his move to the U.S., but I find myself slowly taking over it hehe
Alice said…
Thanks for sharing your story, Sheng!

I started blogging since 2005 and it has been going strong ever since. The friends I made in blogosphere and support from like-minded friends are tremendous.

I avoid superficial bloggers at all cost (those who only visit IF you visit them, etc) and those who talk unceasingly about themselves (self-centred individuals). I mean it is fine to do that (by all means do that because it’s their blog) but a little more ‘depth’ is better, don't you think so?

I'm glad we became friends and I really enjoy your blog. Keep it, Sheng! :D
Alice said…
I mean "keep it up" in my last sentence... sorry for the typo hehe
RedLan said…
I am supposed to post about blogging too since I decided to reborn my blog. hehehe. Yung first ever post ko kasi topic agad at hindi welcome message. lol. Last year ako nagstart blogging. At recently ko lang nadiscover ang blog mo. I can say na maganda ang content ng mga post mo. It makes me always keep coming back here plus ang sipag mo mag comment. Isa yan kasi sa mga strategies. Nakaka inspire kasi magpost kapag may naga-appreciate sa mga sinusulat. mo. Kaya keep it up. Thanks too.
Anonymous said…
I don't remember who exactly encouraged me to blog, but I do remember that the term had come up when I was talking to friends online back in 2001. I tried Diaryland but thought it seemed jurassic. It lasted for only two entries. Then one of my friends had a Livejournal, and at that time, you couldn't get an LJ without an invitation. He sent me an invitation and ta-da! I had my first blog that I maintained for many years. I'd credit that friend for getting me into blogging, yes. :)

Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me to write, and has enriched my life with beautiful people who turned out to be great friends. Galing 'no how it helps our worlds become wider and richer?

And I met you too! :) Cheers to blogging and friendship!
Anonymous said…
This is beautifully written, I can see how much the connections you have made mean to you- you are so sincere.

I started to blog as a way to remember things, kind of like a diary- I NEVER knew that I would meet other like minded people and form friendships....

It's been an amazing adventure and I'm also so glad to have met you!
Heart of Rachel said…
I created my blog in 2004. I just wrote 2 entries. I wasn't serious about it. I didn't write a single entry in 2005. In 2006, I began reading other blogs and discovered Toni's blog (Wifely Steps). She inspired me to "resurrect" my forgotten blog. I love reading her blog until now.
Anonymous said…
@iluvgreen: yes, more blogging years to us!

@sleeplessinkl: pictures must be posted and shared, very true. glad you have your camera with you.

@bluerose: sana nga magkita-kita tayo.

@allen: take care dear, magkikita na tayo sooon!

@kg: i love the postcard, ganda, like it very much.

@adykasyah: thanks for frequenting my site.

@blogusvox: it's a good thing you have your own blog.

@mordsith: really? sa kahit anong paper? galing naman!?

@mike: thanks for dropping by.

@maidapaypay: i'm hooked to your recipes, that's why i keep coming!

@jeanny: thanks for dropping by, kahit busy ka.

@gracie: i kept a diary when i was in high school and college, i am glad there's blogging now.

@kees-jan and jess: your blogger friends keep up with you now.

@aliceteh: i am glad you are enjoying my posts.

@redlan: pag walang magawa sa office, i keep bloghopping.

@toni: thanks for coming, i am glad to have met you online too.

@javaqueen: i am honored to be your blogger friend.

@heartofrachel: Toni's blog is one of the best blogs i have encountered. It keeps me coming back.

Thanks guys! I am glad you are enjoying your stay!
Anonymous said…
I remember my first blog, lockload, full of angst, emo, immature rantings of a young girl. But I did meet some fantastic people through it :)
Perky said…
Well, I started blogging because I was going through a painful breakup.

Instead of being bitter abt the whole breakup thing, I created an alternate ego. Strangers who found my blog funny or was amused by my writings in turn became my friends.

p/s: Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Kayni said…
my current blog is part II. i closed the first one to close a chapter in my life. but just the urge to write got me started blogging. now, i just enjoy pouring my thoughts into it, and i'm ever so grateful that someone comes along and read them. also, i met really wonderful people through it.
Anonymous said…
I started blogging last year initially just to make getting in touch with friends easier: sharing of experiences, photos, etc. Eventually I already babble about my interests.

Blogging is wonderful because I learn a lot from it & have met kindhearted souls including you.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure I had seen a few before on the internet, but my husband really explained blogging to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer because he thought it would be good therapy for me and help me pass my time while going through treatments. He was sooooo right. It has been wonderful. :)
LOREN said…
Wow, I love the new look of your blog! Way to go, Sheng!..

How I started blogging? Well, I've always loved writing. When I started working, I didn't find time for it but my heart continuosly aching to write. Until I heard about the word BLOG and thought "why not give it a try!". So it became my avenue to continue on with my passion. In 2005 I had my first blog. And the rest is history.
princess_dyanie said…
thanks to our wonderful friends over the internet! so kahit na di tyo magkakakilala personally, na fefeel natin ang warmth of friendship! cheers! :)
ms firefly said…
hallo sheng, i'm glad you came a long way with your blog, and met fabulous friends along the way. keep the friendships, and i wish you moooreeee friends to meet and inspire. :)

i blog because i often need to let out what i'm feeling inside, where i can be free and unrestrained and honest and true to myself. the friends i met are the bonus and the icing on my cake. :)
Anonymous said…
I started in 2005, using Friendster, but I also didn't blog actively then. I'd post once in a blue moon. My wordpress blog started out October last year, but I really got active in the blogosphere around April 2008. I've always been a diarist since I was a kid, and blogging has given me a chance to voice out my feelings whether or not people would agree with me. I still keep a journal to write stuff I'm not sure I want to share to the world.

It's great, isn't it, that we develop wonderful relationships with people we have not even seen but know so much about?

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