Blog Love No. 4

Our internet failed to cooperate with me for the past two days, that's the reason why I haven't posted anything. The weekend was long here in our side of the Philippines, we usually support our Muslim brethren in their holidays and it was a Muslim holiday last Monday, so we had a long rest. Tuesday came and our internet was having problems connecting us to the world. But thanks to good hands, it's back, just now.

Last week, I had a number of blog love that came in the mails. Ohhhhhhhhlala, it was such a surprise, everything made me happy. It's just so good when friends think of you and send you something.

First off, this "I Think Green" shirt came to my doorstep. The kids were literally excited to open the package but waited until I came home. She also included a journal for me. Just timely for the New year coming, I needed one that I can write my schedules on. It was the thing I just want, slim and simple, one I can carry around with no hassle. Thanks to "ILuvGreen" for this. I am glad I had you buy this shirt for me.

My "I Think Green" shirt

My new Papelmeroti journal

I was also surprised seeing these mails on my table. The postcards came from abroad, one from Mimi, and another from a fellow postcrosser. Mimi, thanks so much for the thought of sending me a Malay stamp, I am so happy. The postcard is an inspiration for me to try reaching Malaysian lands soon.

Kids and I displaying our goodies

A package came along with my mails, and I was surprised to see this loot, it had a bunch of notepads, 2 large stamps attached to the bubble envelope and one unstamped stamp. The --------- sent me a note telling me she thought of me when she saw the nice stamps in the post office and so she got them for me. Thanks so much ----. (Sender does not want her name disclosed, but anyway, thanks a lot, You know who you are. =) It made my heart swell with pride knowing I have friends like you who think of me too.

I immediately took the stamps from the envelope and joined them in my stamp album. Stamp-crazy eh? Nice stamps right? They're actually the biggest out of all my collections.

Surely friends are important in our lives. We need them in order to enjoy life as we connect to the world. I have made good friends with blogging and they have inspired me with their thoughtfulness. You amaze me guys. Thanks so much. Rest assured I will be posting good stuffs that I may share to you what I will learn in my experiences, in my emotions and in the things I see. Cheers to blogging!


Jeanny said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanny said…
hi sheng. Those are nice goodies. Nice the shirt...parang I want that too. How much is that?

Oh I havent send my Christmas something for you. Right now kasi I'm sick. I've resched the pick up for Monday. :(

HAve a great wed :)
iluvgreen said…
ola! you are very welcome sheng, got your package today, thanks a lot. i'll make a post about it later or tom... thanks.. mwahhh, good you're back! take care
Garando said…
wow, ang cool naman ng design ng shirt! :)
Anonymous said…
Nice haul :) I remember when I used to collect stamps too.

I got something lovely in the mail too ^_^ I think you know what it is. Will blog about it soon.
RedLan said…
Ganda lalo na yung big stamps. rare lang yun. pang GBR.
Kayni said…
wow...nice surprises =). i just love blogging.
Anonymous said…
you must have had internet-withdrawal symptoms hehehe! ;)

glad to know the postcard reached you quickly. thanks for not showing my terrible chickenscrawl on the postcard! :D
Alice said…
Oh look at the goodies, Sheng! Bless the givers! :D
Eds said…
wow! those are very nice goodies. i like the design of the t-shirt.
iceah said…
so cool c: ang sweet naman ng mga friends talaga natin sa blogging c: yan dami kna nadagdag sa collection mo happy for you my dear c:

BTW, have a tag for you, question tag yun. hope you'd enjoy answering it c:
iceah said…
sheng the tag questions are in my other blog sa Chickenheart c: thanx c:
Anonymous said…
Wow - you got some wonderful goodies! Blog gifts are so much fun. And so many bloggers are so talented. :)
escape said…
thats a movie that im looking forward to watch. i believe it's a good movie to show how bad humans has been to mother earth. ill definitely watch it.
Heart of Rachel said…
Those are wonderful goodies. It's a blessing to have thoughtful friends.

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