You Remember Tarzan?

No, this isn't Tarzan, the jungle guy I am talking about. I'm talking about that bubble gum brand that you were chewing when you were a kid. 

This gum used to accompany me in my travels because as parents would say, chewing a gum during travels won't hurt your ears. Scientifically true, and this is what my granny used to send me during times of long distance travels. 

Oh you remember! That's good. Do you also remember that time when you were playing with friends and you compete on how big the gum would go if you make a bubble out of it? Funny eh? But it sure was FUN, right? The fun is made more challenging by the fact that your friend is chewing Bazooka Joe, something imported, while you are on your teeth with Tarzan.

Of course I remember the times when I have to ask my granny to remove a portion of my hair because it was covered in the gum that popped right on my face, thanks to the game we played. 

I am sure you remember. Tell me, are you a Bazooka Joe or a Tarzan fan?   


Photo Cache said…
not a chewing gum fan since childhood, but i do remember this brand. i forgot all about it until you posted it here.
{TPS} said…
Both! I like the former for the cartoon+fortune; the latter, for the minty freshness. Eh yung Horlicks, natatandaan mo?

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