Dolefil's 50th - Reaping the Rewards of the Golden Years

Considering their ages, these ladies are almost at the prime of their lives, yet they are what I would call, at the best of their prime years. Beautiful, appealing, sexy but the ladies still have the capability to own the stage as they moved around competing against the title Mutya ng Dolefil 50. 

Bloggers were invited to witness the Mutya ng Dolefil 50 on June 8. With the theme: Dolefil @ 50, Reaping the Rewards of the Golden Years, this pageant is just one of the series of activities that Dolefil has prepared for their workers who have dedicated their lives in working for the company for many years. 

For most of these women, they have worked more than half of their lives in the company, 33 years, 35 years, 39 years at the most. But still, they continue to earn their living up to this time. All of them are proud to be part of the Dolefil family. They are more than proud to say they have accomplished so much by sending their kids to school, have their children experience a good life because they have lived up to the corporate social responsibility that the company is passionate about. And it is because of the company that they were able to uplift their situations, pick it up from poverty, and they were proud to be able to help generate jobs, produce quality pineapples and even improve lives. 

Clad in their extravagant gowns, these ladies brought about elegance and grandeur onstage. They looked really prepared to compete, and it was on that very night that I have noticed these ladies to be very young-looking, their skin glowing and their smiles almost equal to that of the Ms. Universe pageant candidates.

With their gold-themed gowns, they also answered each other's questions they have prepared for each candidate. Dole Philippines, Inc. is composed of eleven (11) divisions, all of them almost reaching four thousand (4,000) employees, all in the fifty years of its existence. Each division was well-represented, and one can sense the competition in the air by the support that they give their candidates. Some of them having drums and cheers, balloons, pompoms and yells, the candidates could really feel how much they are being supported by their division.

I have long wanted to be part of Dolefil in those times I wasn't  given a good job. But now that I am with the national line agency, I feel proud that the generation of jobs that we are mandated with is being implemented by this partner agency, Dolefil.    

Of course there was a winner, and what emerged as winner that night were all of them , as they all were able to portray their best to be able to represent their division. The grand winner though came from the Manufacturing division. Mrs. Estampador has been with Dolefil for many years now, yet, she is the beauty that is Mutya ng Dolefil Gold. She also won several awards like Best in Career Uniform, Best in Gown and Best in Interview. She may be in her prime years, but it is the best days of her prime years, and that night, winning the Mutya ng Dolefil Gold is her golden moment of all. 

My congratulations to Dolefil for a great show, from the preparation of the stage, the entire auditorium, the AVP presentations, the sounds, all excellent production of a good show! And the hosts all did a great job in providing great entertainment that night. For the management, the workers and the partners and stakeholders, you have proved very strong in providing quality teamwork in 50 years. 

Much as I would like to be part of a Dolefil activity, I am proud to have witnessed Dolefil's best night for their workers. Kudos to all who formed part of the Dolefil 50th Anniversary: You sure are reaping the rewards of your golden years. 


Unknown said…
ganyan talaga pag may pageant sa Dolefil,ang lakas ng mga cheers ng mga audience supporting their respective candidates...

truly,the candidates look younger in their make up and outfit.ang gaganda ng mga gowns nila....
Murtuza said…
Are the pictures of One Lady or They are all different... Really Can't Make out

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