Pride is Ugly

I have learned to reach for the stars, and the stars are somewhat reachable for me hence the trust and confidence that some people give me and the entrusted work that I must do in order to continue working for the good of all.

Recently though, we had our Team-building, and with that team building, the speaker had us answer a piece of paper, we must pass along the paper to the next person after we have written something constructive on the owner's paper as it is being passed along in a huge circle with all of us on it. 

I don't know but there were quite a number of positive things also, like saying something nice about how active I am at work, one said I must go slow, and the others said they liked me for being kind. I know we do not please everyone, thus I was also expecting a number of bad comments, and I got a few which say that I must stay grounded, or I am a bossy type of person, or that I must not be too proud or I must just be simple.

Am I not? I don't know but their perception about me may not be that good, thus their comments but I do know that I am just being simple and just being ME. 

Oh well, I feel bad that some feel that way about me, maybe I shouldn't be too LOUD, or I musn't always voice out what I feel, would that even make them better about me or will that make me a better person?

Pray please tell me about your thoughts on this...

Pride is UGLY, really. 



Oman said…
We really could not please everyone however we try because some are just too sensitive while others just don't know how to react bordering into defensiveness.

What matters for me is that we respect each other because time is such a wonderful friend that as it goes by, we will know the person, be it a neighbor or an officemate, turning the grouchiest one into a concerned comrade :)

Blessed Sunday Sheng :)
Photo Cache said…
there really is no pleasing everyone.

what i do is that i just live according to what i believe is right; live the christian life and as long as i can sleep well at night and did not intentionally set out to do harm or bad things, i really don't give a d#%m about what others think.

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