Mother Instincts

Today is my Mom's birthday, and I thank her for all the LOVE she has bestowed upon us her kids. I am forever grateful that she is my mother, and will always be proud of all the things she did for us in order to survive LIFE.

Today, as I have reached the stronger intensities of motherhood, she may not know this, but she has been my inspiration all along. The good things she taught me and many more, are the things I am teaching my kids as well. The strength I get come from my kids, and they are the very reason why I strive hard to make them feel the comforts of the life I may not have had before.

Thank you Mommy for making me strong, for instilling in me the values of being a good woman, a child, much more, a MOTHER.

Mommy, I dedicate to you my new home. I called it Mother Instincts for it will feature me as a mother, other women's motherhood lifestyles, the whats and what-nots of life, and I share the beauty of motherhood. You have guided me to motherhood, and I owe all to you.

Dear readers, I invite you to my new home, you can add me up again to your blogrolls, and rest assured that all there is to share is the goodness of life. I will still keep this home as this has been the witness of many struggles and happiness, but enter my new home, and discover ME as a mother.

Go ahead, make me smile, comment on my Mother Instincts!


kg said…
happy birthday to your mom! she has reared such a wonderful daughter. :)

may bago ka pala site! congrats sheng! mwah!
Eds said…
happy happy birthday to your mom. i wish her good health & lots of happiness.

and congrats sa bago mong site!
sunny said…
belated happy beeday to your mum!!!

imma hop to your new blog later! take care!
witsandnuts said…
Happy birthday to your mother! Added your new blog to my reader.
RedLan said…
congrats Sheng!
iluvgreen said…
belated bday to your mom. cheers to all mother!
docgelo said…
muntik ko nang maka-birthday ang nanay mo. =0 happy bday to her. is my brother's naman. bukas ako. =) ...kaya lang my very first big day away from home =(

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