Gusto ko sa Gusteau's!

I got the text a few minutes before the time they wanted me to be there. The message wanted me there for lunch with the Manila bloggers, so off hubby and I went, armed with our already full tummies, but nonetheless, there's room for extra, and one big room for what has been a feast.

We went to the newly opened Gusteau's Fud Hauz. There, the group was already waiting for us, and for the food to be served. And what wonder of wonders could be better than the food that were placed before our eyes.

Gusteau's Prawns, simmered in their secret spicy ingredients, instantly a favorite among us because of it's tangy spicy taste, one that will make you forget your table manners by licking fingers and soiled fingertips.

Deep-fried Tuna Belly

Gensan sure boasts of tuna and the food trip of the bloggers from Manila wouldn't be complete without them having to taste different tuna delicacies from Gensan City

Crispy Breaded Cream Dory
This one's so yummy that every dollop of sauce is licked.

And of course, the ever famous Grancheo Reale! My eyes could not be taken off from the big "sipit" that the king crab has, unfortunately it was kinda far from me, and was grateful when Sir Orman handed me what I wanted.

The salivary glands were oozing with craving for those king crabs.

Sooooo yummy, and big, I was wondering how much it weighed because the crabs they served us was really cholesterol-rich, but never minding the cholesterol, we still had a fun time cracking shells and
licking our fingers.
Sir Orman, even with his executive attire, was licking his fingers while devouring the food set before us.

I remember during the Soccsksargen Summer Safari when we were also treated with crabs, the CDO
bloggers tagged me "crab-mentality, coz of my fondness for crabs.
The king crabs is said to be cooked in cholesterol-free oil and garlic, and filled with white tender meat.

You'd never think of anything else, because our minds were all concentrated on the food and the yumminess of each dish. Conversations were entertained but still, our minds and hands were on the food.

The fresh crabs were personally fetched from the bus terminal by by the owner; Gusteau's is owned by brothers Mr. Allan and Albert Lopez.
They were first located at Tiongson Arcade but due to this new epic location at Sun City Suites, they were able to get a good strategic place for tourists and hotel visitors. Now, who could top that!

With owner, Sir Allan Lopez
Soccsksargen bloggers: Kyaw, me, Donna Mae, Bariles, Sir Gilbert
Manila bloggers Fitz and Don!

All photos taken by one of Mindanao's Most Influential Bloggers and Ganda Ever So Much, Sir Orman.

Thank you Gusteau's for the feast you have prepared for us and our visitors. Surely, word will be transferred from mouth to mouth, everything in Gusteau's is mouth watering. Very gastronomic palatable dishes, friendly staff, affordable rates of dishes, and a very nice place.

Gusteau's is located at the newly opened Sun City Suites, along National Highway. You may call them for inquiries and reservations at Cel. # 0916-4802830

And hey, do visit me at my new home!


docgelo said…
wow! absolutely a feast! sarap naman nyan, sheng!
...another reason to visit your place. kailan kaya? =)
orman said…
ang ganda ng mga kuha kong pix! hahahahaha! i love my own ged! thanks for this post sheng!
kg said…
ang sarap! i love crabs!

sheng, bakit parang lahat ng happenings andyan sa gen san?
upto6only said…
sarap ng shrimps yan lang solve na ako.
Kayni said…
i'm so hungry.
Eds said…
ang sarap naman nyan! favorite ko kaya ang crabs & shrimps. sus! ginutom mo na naman ako sheng. hehehe
nuts said…
oh my...waaaa, ginutom mo ko sheng, now lang ulit ako napadaan, nagutom pa ko.. :P hihi.. sarap naman ng food.
escape said…
whoa! crabs! malamang pag pumunta ako diyan yan talaga hahanapin ko. kakatuwa acting niyo ni sir avel.
princess_dyanie said…
ang tagal mag book ni kg ng plane tickets namin hahaha!! :))

kain tayo jan pag anjan na kami ah! :)

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