One Meaningful Day for SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers

We have planned for this cause just two weeks ago; each of us busy with our own businesses and lives, we still were able to push through with the event even with the absence of some of our fellow bloggers due to the arrival of Manila travel bloggers.

We arrived early to facilitate the day's "Bleed for Life" Blood drive. We have targeted 50, but it was wishful thinking. We we're excited for each donor who passes the test for donation, but sadly, only Sir Gilbert passed among us bloggers. Our young bloggers did not make it to the 50 kgs. minimum. Some wanted to donate, but their bp's were up. I have a large hematoma spot on my left arm, and other bloggers didn't have much sleep because of the eyeball with Manila bloggers at PiYesta the previous night.

There's a doctor who is in charge with checking things and listening to the interview. It is he who makes sure you are in a healthy state before you give your blood.

Sir Gilbert, having his blood pressure checked, PASSED

The volunteers and Phil. Red Cross staff were very approachable and supportive of this event, We are just so glad that they were there to also make us aware of the things we need to do for our next blood donation drive.

Here's our very first blood donor. He was with his daughter just having a walk in the mall, but found our little place and decided to have his blood donated. The daughter patiently waited. And we are glad that he was what made other mall goers catch interest in what we are doing.

Hopefully, there will be a next time, and we will make sure there are more donors. We are truly glad we are able to help, because of this small act. We had eight bags of blood gathered and that alone is an achievement for us. Happiness is felt because in our own ways, we know we are able to help.

The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers are grateful for all the sponsors of this drive, Ate Jinky Borela for the tetra pack juices, Chic Escal for the same, Rollee's Bakeshop for the bread, PiYesTa KTV and Resto Bar for preparing the sandwiches and the soup, Donna and Emman for the lunch of the volunteers and bloggers present, Robinson's Place Gensan for the mall space and lending us tables and chairs. Thank you to all the bloggers who supported and contributed for our cups, water, and utensils. Thank you Dr. Teves for being there with us, and most especially, to the Phil Red Cross for their time and effort to be with us on a Sunday in order to push through with this event. If I have missed out on someone, thank you, thank you.

We are very much grateful for your support, and for those who wanted to donate but was not able to, we shall have another round soon. We shall need your support soon.

Maraming Salamat sa lahat. This is one great move and we believe that with this, we have given our share of social responsibility. We are looking forward to more of these events, for a good cause.

Mabuhay SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers!


Ria Jose said…
Ate Sheng, 8 bags is already very good. Our first blood drive, we got 6 bags.

I get emotional and overwhelmed everytime I read a blog post or see an album of you guys doing this.

Pwedeng-pwede tong activity na to every 4 months. I'm sure next time, mas maraming magdo-donate.

Good luck with the next one! :)
Envy Me Salon said…
wohooooo!!! congrats SOX BLOGGERS!!! :) sa uulitin!!! :)
Cidy said…
Mabuhay ang Soxx Bloggers at sa mga sponsors. Looking forward for our next Blood Letting Drive.
jeanny said…
wow thats a great drive.

If I was there, I am more willing to donate, I make it a point kasi to donate atleast once a year lalo na pag birthday month ko. :)
docgelo said…
kung andyan ako, i could have been your #1 volunteer, in medical consultation and as a blood donor. it has been a year since my last blood donation.
mabuhay kayo, sheng! galing galing naman ng mga bloggers dyan!
pamatayhomesick said…
meron pa bang kasunod?
mabuhay kayo..malaking tulong ito.
Lyle said…
Congratulations, SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers! This is a very noble project.

You guys are the best community in the blogosphere, barnone!
eks said…
ang galing naman! nakakatuwa. may CSR pa kayo, so to speak. :-)

add pa lang pala kita sa sidebar ko, sheng, nawala lahat nung bumili ako ng sarilining domain e ( (ahemm, hehehe.)
Eds said…
ang galing naman! mabuhay ang SoCCSKSarGen Blogger.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to all. I hope we can have more activities like this. Maybe next time I can join na talaga.
kg said…
what a nice project!

i've always wanted to donate blood...pero lagi ako takot! he he! inggit naman ako dun sa di umabot ng 50 kg. he he!
Anonymous said…
ang cool naman sheng! naiingit naman ako sa inyo talagang may samahan kayo. ako i only know very few bloggers from here. more power sa inyo!
RedLan said…
Ay si Ding Ho lang ang nameet ko so far. Hindi ako masyado active sa eb bloggers. At least ngayon ang mga bloggers may puwang sa society at ina-acknowledge ng government. galing at masaya.

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