Enjoying Music at Music City Family KTV

It's not always that we, bloggers, get to gather and enjoy each other's company. At times, we have busy lives and we only meet once or twice in a month. When busy schedules are overwhelming, we can only get to meet online, virtually that is.

But during the times that we get to see each other, we make sure that each moment gets to be exciting and FUN. So when Music City Family KTV opened a few days back, we were given the chance to bond once more. The invitation from Music City Family KTV was so enticing that a lot of us went, even with our busy schedule as it was on a Tuesday.

The owners were very generous with the food they served us, lookie!

very yummy quarter chicken, juicy and soft

Creamy seafoods in white sauce

Tuna and veggie sandwich, and french fries

We thought the drinks that would pair up with the food are just the mere softdrinks and juices we have ordered, but we were wrong. The owner dished out everything, and while some of us were finishing up each morsel of the really engaging food, the waiter asked if what cocktail drinks we'd like to get. Others got themselves a blue lagoon margarita, some pina colada, and others were contented with the canned drinks.

cocktails, on the house

But of course, the best thing in this unexpected event is that, we were able to bond together and enjoy singing on their hi-tech and modern KTV. Each large room can accommodate at least 15 heads, and only for P300 per hour. There are also smaller rooms for 250 and for 200 per hour. The smallest can accommodate 6-8 rooms. Not bad, right?

Here's Donna, with her rendition of Spice Girls'
Stop right now, thank you very much!

And look at our faces, ain't it cool? Chilling out at Music City Family KTV is sure a bonding moment, whether it be with your family or friends. We had so much fun, and we had the chance to welcome and congratulate our coolest SoCCSKSargen blogger/pioneer Geny Lopez Regional Awardee Mark Aethen Agana.

Thank you Marvin and Marlon Kwan and Music City Family KTV, your place is a sure winner for us and rest assured we will be going back to enjoy breaking your walls with our voices.

Music City Family KTV is located at 2nd Floor, Sun City Complex, General Santos City


kg said…
buti nga kayo sheng sheng you meet at least onve a month..imagine mo na lang kiami dito manila!
escape said…
hahaha... kakatuwa si donna. ako di ako mahilig sa videoke pero kung kasama mga barkada at kaibigan ok na rin. napapakanta na rin.

andiyan pa pala si aethen.
pamatayhomesick said…
huwaw! katakam takam naman...saka sama sama sa kakulitan.. hayssss!miss again ang aking lupang sinilangan!
upto6only said…
wow ang sarap naman ng group nyo very solid. ang saya lagi :)
Eds said…
ang galing-galing nga ng group nyo jan sheng.

happy monday sis!
Kayni said…
would be nice to be able to meet with other bloggers once a month. looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)
mordsith said…
sheng, inggit ako! i soooooooo love KTV! =)

parang ang sarap ng mga food diyan ah!
Cidz said…
Great food, nice ambiance, affordable price, good place to hang-out with kalog bloggers-hehe!
docgelo said…
saya naman, may meetings ang bloggers sa lugar nyo even once a month.i see nothing in this post but fun! =)
Ibyang said…
love your photos sheng! :)
the food looks delish.

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