Christmas Dinner at The Farm, Carpenter Hill

My Dad celebrated his 54th birthday on December 23, and while we were already there in Koronadal City with the kids, we decided to bring Mom and Dad to a family dinner at The Farm. The Farm boasts of a good place where there is so much quiet, twinkling Christmas lights and good food.

My daughter saw my pictures taken here at The Farm a few weeks back because I took my oath of office here two weeks ago, and she was yearning for us to bring her there so she could see the lights. Thus the visit and the dinner. True enough, the kids enjoyed the moment here at The Farm and while waiting for the food, I was checking out the best penny stocks online because The Farm is a wifi hotspot thus one has no problem with checking out TimothySykes updates

You may visit The farm anytime of the day because there are lots to see, but I suggest you go during the nighttime to enjoy the lights there is for your eyes to feast on!

The Farm 
Entrance to Children's Park

Inside The Aviary  Bar and Cafe

The Aviary Bar and Cafe

The Farm Children's Park


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