The Third Wheel - The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I asked the son what he wanted for Christmas and he didn't answer me straight. But when we went to the mall for just looking around, he dragged me to the bookstore and told me about the new Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Book 6 - The Third Wheel.

My son is so like me -- very much in awe of books and what wonders it could bring. He'd save his allowances and he'd buy books he wants to read. Sometimes he'd ask me about the books that are in my bookshelf and he'd want to read them before we get to immerse ourselves in the movie, just like what happened with The Hobbit. He wanted to read it before he watches it in the theaters, however, I couldn't wait for him to finish the book before we indulge it in the moviehouse.

My daughter is also a reading kid, and she's enjoying Barbie tales now.

Reading is very basic in our family. I wonder how much of me they got when it comes to reading, but I can assure you that they know what they are reading. You can ask them anything about what happened in the story and for sure they were able to comprehend everything and will answer you straight away.

The Third Wheel is the sixth book that we have bought for the son. Although he hasn't been reading much of Harry Potter and Hardy Boys, I am glad that his passion for reading is already growing as he is entering his teenage years. It is such a nice way to introduce your kids to reading, imagine what delight he will experience when he has read about many different worlds there is.


SunnyToast said…
I love this..I have all the books! yay!

Merry christmas!
Reena said…
I have the first book lang but it was quite fun following his adolescent stories. Merry Christmas!
bertN said…
Have a Merry Christmas!
escape said…
i grew up reading hardy boys. i believe it motivated me to a life of adventure. hehehe... hope he starts loving that too.

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