Little Princess and the Prince

I woke up early in the morning, 5:30, cooked rice, did some chores, cleaned the house, and grabbed a chance to sit down and do my sideline jobs. By 6:15, my daughter , 2 yrs and 7 months old Tabebs, came out of the room, crying. At this point in time, she seems to anchor unto me like I wouldn't come back when I leave her. She is like that for the moment. I understand this is the time when kids her age need lots of confidence and only mothers can give their children that kind of comfort and security they need.

Mommy and Tabebs

I always love to hug and kiss her, but at times when she seems to be so unruly, I hate it. I love the times when she kisses me, but when she has tantrums and she doesn't give me a peck, I ignore her. I guess that's the way kids are, very unpredictable.

Raine Cassandra, or Tabebs is a very dependent girl. She chooses her own dresses to wear, brushes her teeth alone, and shampoos her hair alone. I only give her assistance when she needs it or when she asks for it. There are times when she does not like to be pampered, there are times when all she wants is for you to carry her.

Ric Christian, or Biboy, my 7 year old son, is different. He wakes up at 6, asks for my presence and when he senses me around, asks for milk, wants me to serve his rice, and wants me to attend to his needs in going to school, things which I also enjoy doing but I am hoping he will change his ways and learn things alone. At Grade 2, I am just proud he has brought home 2 medals, and 9 ribbons of excellence. And yes, he has a perfect score in their First Semi-Periodical Exam held last Friday. And that goes for Filipino and Arts, 3 more to go for today.

Daady and Kuya Biboy

I love to share my kids with you. I hope you enjoy them too.


Ken said…
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Anonymous said…
your kids are wonderful. they are our delight, our wonders, our everything...and thank you for sharing them.
Anonymous said…
I am waiting for the time my daughter and her husband have children. Until then I love sharing other people's children. I enjoyed the photos and your children are adorable. You sound like such a good Mom. When I do have grandchildren I will be taking care of them so my daughter can keep her job. I can't wait. I love taking care of children.
Anonymous said…
My daughter is already 7 years old but still clings to me as if there were no other people in the world. She gets angry when she wakes up and I'm not in my bed (we sleep in the same room), unless she knows I have work...when I'm out with my friends, she calls me every now and then (asking why I'm not home yet)...and when I say I'd be home by this time, I'd better be there because I will get "spanked"! Not that I'm complaining though. I'm savoring that "godly" treatment because I know time will come when she'd rather be with her friends than me. :)
It's nice to read about similarities about our kids ano?
shengmarie said…
@kenjebshiela: thanks for the visit. There are many more i would really want to share but some people and visitors dont really know me that well, so I guess it's better sharing myself first than others I must blog about.

@joanharvest: Yes, kids are really great. My mother-in-law takes care of the children since we both have work, she does not want babysitters around so she is really hands-on with the kids. I am lucky she is!

@kumareng grace:Pareho tayo ng experience about our kids, hay naku, minsan nakakainis, pero I have to be patient with them. Mabilis silang lumaki, I might not notice them but soon enough they will be binata at dalaga na. Thanks for the visit.
Anonymous said…
Hello Shengmarie! I'm sorry I was not around when you first commented on my blog so I am a little late coming here. But I am finally here and I do love the photos of your children. They are adorable. I like that you seem to appreciate the small things in life. I think that is one secret to being truly happy. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Let's continue to visit each other! :)
ayen said…
They are so cute and adorable! :)
Alice said…
What a lovely family you have, Sheng! Your girl and boys (big and small) are beautiful people. God bless you!

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