On Persuasion...

I have read and not really understood. Oh, an understatement!

I may have found it really very classical for my taste and all the characters in it are very (un)modern. When I read it though, I feel the pain seeing Wentworth trying to grope if determination is the key or the admiration to Anne rules out.

I love the book though, it makes me understand love in a very different phase. But all the other blah-blahs are well, incomprehensible by my dysfunctional brain at the moment. I guess I am just too caught up with Twilight that I could not understand more of this fine book by Jane Austen. I would love Jane Austen's other books I hope.

Not until I am done with the Twilight Saga that I must get hold of this new book we will be reading, Emma. For joining the Jane Austen Book Club, click here. To visit the site of the host, J of Wits and Nuts, please click this link.

Happy Jane Austen Reading anyway. Enjoy!

" I (We) must endeavor to subdue my (our) mind to my (our) fortune. I (we) must learn to brook being happier than I (we) deserve."
-from Persuasion, by Jane Austen-


Anonymous said…
I also had a hard time dealing with the first few chapters. Later on, I get used to the "Austen way". If I'm caught up with Twilight series, probably I'll have the share the sentiments. I was reading other books and essays in between Persuasion. Now, Emma is meeting us soon. =)
ms firefly said…
it takes time to get used to it indeed, but classics have always been my favorites since college, so i enjoyed every bit of persuasion. :)

hope you'll enjoy emma!
Anonymous said…
ok lang yan sheng, ako nga, hindi pa rin matapos-tapos. i want to get an audio-book. hahaha! kasi i spend most of my time in front of the pc so i have a hard time reading the ebook. will definitely look for an audiobook ;-)
Anonymous said…
It's good that you enjoyed your reading. It's been a while since I've read a really good book. I hope to read the Twilight series really soon. Been hearing so much about it.
kyawster said…
Haaayyyyyy.... another gaasss...... Next target mo na naman mag collect ng Jane Austen. Mas marami pa atang books sa bahay kaysa sa City Lib. Wala na tayong paglalagyan ng libro ;-)
Anonymous said…
Love Jane Austen books. most of what i've read were thru audio books so you can say I heard instead of read

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