A Doggy Post

Dogs are man's best friends.

And we have three of them in our house.

And even if these three dogs annoy me at times because of their whining, and the food budget they add up to our list, still we cannot do away without them.

They give us protection, especially at night. They guard our small house from evil doers, and we have been treating these dogs like family. We feed them twice, or even thrice each day, and we take the time to look for bones in the grocery to cook for them. Yes, we cook them their food.

This is Hagrid. He is named as such because of my favorite character, aside from Harry, in the Harry Potter series. Cool right, he has whiskers too, and this all the more adds up in his name.

Alice, as this stout doggy is called, she is a favorite, she is the naughtiest among the pack. We sometimes have broken slippers because of her gnashing teeth. She is not really tied all day long, but we try to educate them in their toilet activities that's why she is tied up in the picture. You see, it's only me and hubby working and earning for the household and we don't have the time to walk these dogs, so the elderlies (we have three in the house), take time to take care of these doggies.

This is the fiercest of our dogs. Why? She is a pitbull. And boy, she is a wild pitbull. Her name is Bells, the Bella Swan of the Twilight Saga, yes, we named her that together with Alice, because they both arrived at the same time. Alice and Bells are just puppies. Bells barks and barks when strangers come, and even my kids are afraid of Bells, she is a very strong pup, very! She has just destroyed three huge chains and dog locks. Ugh. Much to the dismay of the hubby who kept buying expensive chains so Bells cannot destroy it. So many have said that pitbulls and their relatives are the hardest dogs to deal with, the y lock their jaws when they get to bite one. And to deal with that is already such a pain.

We keep these dogs in order to accompany us, and they protect the house we are sheltered in. Thanks so much because they too, are doing their job. Our pets are valuable to us, they are clean dogs, and are yearly injected with anti-rabies meds.

They are that loved, in short, kasama sila sa aming pangungutang. Teehee.

You too, share your pets!


Anonymous said…
hi sheng! you read my mind! i've been planning to post about Casper. He's our dog who i fondly call as brother. haha. i just love him so much! he's very sweet and he loves me as much as i love him! haha. emotional na ko. :)

they are such sweet and loyal creatures and good guardians. even if they can't fight off the thieves, at least they'll be alarmed and hesitate to do our household harm! :)
Anonymous said…
Hagrid is a cutey :) He looks like a happy dog on that pic.
Anonymous said…
You have cute pups! I just hope the pitbull is nice! We have a 1.5 year old Dachshund (a wienie dog) and he is the love of our life! You are right, they do protect- he barks at anyone new :)
Toni said…
I wish I could have a pet dog! Parang si Cujo. But I'm notyet ready for the responsibility. So makikilaro muna ako ng dogs ng iba. Hehehe.

Aba! Pag may sunod ka pa bang dog, Edward na pangalan? ;)
Kayni said…
i absolutely adore dogs, too bad the apt where i live doesn't allow pets. please give the pets a big hello from me. bells does have a mean look on that photo...lol.
Garando said…
I like Hagrid best! It's almost like he was intentionally posing for that photo. :D

I left Tippy, my severely overweight pet dachshund at my parents' house because pets aren't allowed in my apartment. I started to miss her a lot after reading your post...
Hi Sheng! I'm so glad you're a dog person. :) I grew up with dogs my whole life. We have about 18 (I know, crazy, huh?) at our house in Dumaguete where my dad breeds them. Sadly, we have none in the States because of space! (Sad, no?) I love your Alice! (Btw, I got your cloth! You don't know how happy you made me.) Happy new year and happy weekend!
Jeanny said…
Ay wala kaming pet. Before, I own an aquarium kaso I became so busy so hindi ko na sila naalagaan kaya pinamigay ko na lang yung aquarium ko, wawa naman kasi...

Happy weekend Sheng!
Anonymous said…
oh my your dogs are so cute! and our posts are in sync LOL aside from our impossible number of cats, we also have eight dogs at home of the Chinese shar pei breed. you can imagine how crazy it is here. LOL
Anonymous said…
Share your pets?
Hmmm....let's see. Enumerate ko lahat ng naging pets ko since childhood.
1. bird
2. dog
3. rabbits (one of which bit me and was sent away)
4. dog
5. dog
6. mallard
7. hermit crab
8. cat
9. hamster
10. dog
11. cat
12. fish
13. bird
14. hamster
15. dog (present)
16. bunny
17. bunny (present)
Whew. Needless to say, I love animals. Oh, I'm not sure if a calf qualifies as a pet, pero I took care of one up until di na sya makapasok sa kitchen door namin. :)
RedLan said…
Pinakamatapang ba si Hagrid? Tingin ko lang. Yung si Alice naman mukhang behave pero naughty as you said. Si Bells looks shy ha. wild pala siya.
Alice said…
Hi Sheng, thanks for sharing your lovely dogs with us.

Hello to Hagrid, Alice and Bells! :D
Anonymous said…
Hagrid, Alice, and Bells? Cute. I can't have pets right now because having them is not allowed where I live. But I'm into cats and I used to have one that lived for nine human years!
Anonymous said…
Yay, I love the name of your dogs! As in Bells ha, not Bella or Isabella. Haha!
Anonymous said…
naku sheng, we have 11 at home! hahaha! i took some pics when i was in manila, sige, sige, will do a post about them soon ;-)
iluvgreen said…
we have 2 here in manila and i think 4 in the province, miss you sheng
Anonymous said…
Aw, they are cute! Like Javaqueen says, I hope the pit bull is nice to your family. I like the protection of a dog and the companionship. I'm glad you have elderlies that help out and that you help care for. :)
Anonymous said…
There's a difference on how Pinoy treat dogs compared to Westerners. We (my parent got 3)have them primarily as "guard" dogs, secondary nalang yung pagiging "pet". While westerners consider them as "companions".
Eds said…
they are cute! galing naman ng name ng dogs nyo. hahaha.

meron din kaming alagang puppy ngaun. para may magbantay kapag lumipat na kami ng bahay. and his name is pao-pao. as usual si K.A. ang nabigay ng name nya. hehehe
Oman said…
dog lover here. i already featured my toy dog dilbert in my previous posts. i will feature him again once he learn new tricks. lol.
kees-jan & jess said…
wow, three dogs, that's a handful! They all look so adorable. Hard to believe Bells can be so feisty from that sweet pic but must be her pitbull background. I like both dogs and cats, but I only have a cat right now...a dog will come hopefully when I get a bigger place.
princess_dyanie said…
i used to love dogs pero nung 12 years old ako, kinagat ako ng aso ng kapit bahay namin. i was so afraid that i might die hehe. simula nun, natakot na ko sa aso and parang nawala na yung amor ko sa kanila. pro minsan, gusto ko naman. gulo ko! haha :P
escape said…
hahaha... i think ill like hagrid from the three. i like black dogs because i never had the chance to own one.

i like dogs but it has been years now that we didnt have a dog.
LOREN said…
We don't have any pets. The only "pets" we have are our neighbor's cats. They keep coming to our house and we feed them. The kids love them. Hubby hates them, heheh!
Heart of Rachel said…
Dogs are great friends. They give us unconditional love. It's nice to meet your furry pals.

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