That I was Born for You, It is Written in the Stars

A few days from now, ahhhhh, it is February again, the love month, my favorite month of the year. This month of the year has never failed to make me happy. For two reasons, first is that, seven days before Valentine's day is my birthday, and second, of course, the most awaited Valentine's Day!

Hubby and I have been consistently celebrating the Day of Hearts with just simple dinner dates and sometimes coupled with a nice movie afterwards. I smile when I remember him bringing me a basket of flowers, cards that truly touched my heart and made me cry, some cute jokes just to make my day light and bubbly. It is actually a matter of choice on being happy on this much awaited day of lovers, but this year, I would love to make this day of hearts, extra special for me, and the love of my life and king of my heart.

Passing along the streets of General Santos would make you stop and stare at the big signage displayed at street corners:
{Click image for a larger view}

WOW! David Pomeranz! This incredible singer has captured my heart way back in college and I have always been an avid fan of his love songs. For a lot of reasons, his melodies and the lines of the songs never fail to bring a hum to my day whenever I feel very loved.

I could not count the times when my tears fell from the realization that surely, we got to believe in magic. That hubby and I have found each other in a world that's full of strangers. The lines of his songs are just so US, that I was born for him and he was born for me, it is written in the stars.

A date with David Pomeranz will surely make this Day of Hearts extra special for us, and this year's Valentine's Day, romantically unforgettable.

Of course, to make a good start, I have planned on giving my man a fine, elegant and sumptuous dinner at Grab a Crab Restaurant/Coffee Club 101. Feasting on hubby's favorite kare-kare, delectable kinilaw and the mouth-watering calamares, who would think that this ain't gonna be the best for the two of us? I'm drooling at the thought of my strawberry frussia, and my ever favorite carbonara. Ahhhhh, what a splendid day it will be!

my dinner date is gonna happen here!

This is gonna be a real Valentine's getaway, just the two of us. How cool do you think this will be? I am so excited! Just the thought of hearing and seeing David Pomeranz sing for us our very own love songs, makes me sigh. Call me a hopeless romantic, but surely by the time I hear him sing, I surely would not keep myself from whispering "I love you's" and renewed vows to the love of my life.

Ahhhhh, LOVE!

What's your plan for the day of hearts? I know, I know. But well, who knows, David might visit your place soon too, not for a Valentine's Concert though, but well, as long as there is love, it's always Valentine's Day!

Hmmm, this reminds me, I just have to get those tickets. I know of one cool person who's giving away a VIP Pass, aha! Yes, you will surely make my Valentine's Day the happiest, with the David Pomeranz Ticket giveaway, Bariles Republic!

Advance Happy Day of Hearts Everyone! Share the LOVE!


Anonymous said…
Ooooh - that sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day! I hope it is as wonderful as you deserve. And I hope you will tell us all about David Poermanz! Now I better get thinking of what TGH and I are going to do! Thanks for reminding me - it's coming quick!
Kayni said…
big sigh, i don't have plans for V day, but we'll see something might come up. but it sounds like you have a great plan. have a wonderful time =)
Eds said…
wow! i can feel the love in the air. your plans sound like a very-very romantic valentine date for both of you. goodluck sheng. hope you'll share with us some pictures of that events.

advance happy birthday sheng and happy valentines to you and your hubby.
Jeanny said…
you rock girl!!!!

NA excite tuloy ako. Naku SHeng your Feb pala...kaya pla your so sweet :)

Advance Happy bday and Vday sistah!
Anonymous said…
7 days before Valentine's day, I'll mark your birthday. =) That's going to be a real sweet celebration. Have fun!
iluvgreen said…
ola sheng! miss you too, im just here, too busy with work and school, probably be back by sem break, lol, true, mas mataas na kesa sa akin ang paperwork ko, i'l just drop by once in a while.

Advance happy bday girl, goodluck on your date, huhuhu probably i'll spend vday with classmates hahah. enjoy David!. got to believe in magic :) mwahh - bawi ako soon.
mightydacz said…
sssiiigh!!!!wow so romantic nakakakilig parang episode sa abs-cbn show na Your song.

oi happy birthday in advance.kung si jose mari chan nabubuhay every december because of his chritmas songs si david pomeranz naman buhay na buhay every february because of his love songs lol well based on my observation lang ha.

thanks for the visit sheng.Sarap talaga tumambay at makiupo sa sofa mo dito lol.
Anonymous said…
hehehe, ang dami palang Aquarius na blogger no, at ang dami din palang magbi-birthday sa February.

Advance Happy Birthday, sheng!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sheng. Nice to meet you at last in person don sa club 101. Mahilig ka rin pala sa photography :) You have nice photos, gusto ko yung gumasa series mo :)
RedLan said…
I like David P. too. Napaka cool ng boses niya tas maganda ang message ng songs niya. Hay, naalala ko tuloy si Rico Yan niyang Got to believe in Magic. tsk tsk tsk.
Perky said…
I haven't planned my V-day celebration yet. Ours is usually a combo celebration as we celebrate both V-day and our anniversary in February.
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow, sounds like a romantic Valentine's Day ahead. I like David Pomeranz too.

We don't have plans yet but I'm looking forward to that day.
Garando said…
Wow, that is one special Valentine's Day! I can just imagine how excited you must be.
Me & Garandee haven't talked about what we'll do on our first Valentines as a married couple.. I'll have to think of something soon. I'm planning to surprise her. With what, I don't know yet. :D
Anonymous said…
Valentine's isn't my thing, pero kinikilig naman ako para sa iyo.
princess_dyanie said…
advance happy bday sheng! :) mwahz! :)

ako, wala naman akong valentines day eh! bale 24 years na! hahaha! :P
Anonymous said…
uuuuy! kakakilig naman sheng! dito sa tokyo, its the guys who expect to receive stuff from the girls ;-P
Alice said…
Happy advance Valentine's Day, Sheng! That sounds awesome and I hope you enjoy yourself! :D

My wedding anniversary is on Valentine's Day and I'm looking forward to it. :D
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, someone's going to be especially happy this Valentine's Day. Heehee.

As for me, no plans for this year's hearts day. I don't really celebrate it coz I don't want to join the horrendous traffic here in the city.

Anyway, enjoy your lovely Heart's Day celeb. Kwentuhan mo kami ha. ;-)
escape said…
wow! as early as now you've already set your dinner! special day indeed.

havent watched any of david's shows yet. but his songs are beautiful.
Anonymous said…
You are so lucky!!!! Yay! Have a lovely romantic date- and a happy Birthday!!! xoxoxo
iceah said…
wana join this din yan din ang fav ko na song nya c:
Jes said…
goodluck sa'tin sa contest! hehe.
sana nga makasama uli ako sa mga upcoming affairs like last night. i had fun. though nahiya tlga ako. haha!:))
Anonymous said…
Wow, sounds like a great plan. I planned on riding a hot air balloon at this certain festival in clark, pampanga but the boyfriend has got to work on that day. too bad.

David Pomeranz, the King of JS Proms!
Anonymous said…
adv hapi bday sheng! i'm sure you and your hubs will enjoy the v day!
Jes said…
ate sheng, congrats pala. :)
Unknown said…

musta na! op cors i remember my bestfriends "friend" hehhe
aysus dre lng gali kita mag kita ulit. its been ages huh?
haay so many stories to tell.

email n lng ta.

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