The Birthday that Was

I woke up early that day to prepare for the big day, you think I was having a bash or anything? No, I had other plans and that is for us to visit our house in La Cassandra.

3 days before that, we went to a big mall here in Gensan and took advantage of the clearance sale that they were having, my impulsive wallet starts itching to buy cabinets and wardrobes for our house. And so we did. I had them delivered on my birthday.

And these are the purchases I got!

the Master's bedroom wardrobe
original price: P8, 695
sale price: P6, 956

these are my kids' clothes shelf
I bought two of this beauties, one for each of them.
original price: P2, 365
sale price: P1, 892

our TV rack, (TV soon to come, teehee!)
original price: P1, 795
sale price: P1, 436

All of our purchases only cost us P12, 176. It could have cost us P15, 220. It was such a steal! So happy birthday to me, and that was what made me happy indeed!

At the end of the day, we just passed through Chicken Hauz and bought a box of garlic chicken, some orders of Pancit Canton, and voila! We stuffed our empty stomachs. It was a nice birthday treat from the hubby. Thank you so much!

The next day was our schedule to watch Benjamin Button's life and after the movie date Hubby and I had, we went home and was surprised by this:

a birthday surprise from Luzon

I was actually very surprised, I was coursing through all the adhesive tapes looking for the sender's name, until I got through the contents and there it was, the card which bore the sender's name, Jeanny.

Chocolate-y goodness

The sweetest and my closest blogger-friend and fellow Aquarian Jeanny sent me these goodies. Oh how I love chocolates, and what's more, Snickers! Whoa there! Chocolates, I love you for surprising me this way Jeanny! Thank you very much. And it's her birthday this 15th too, and what's good is that, she's having a birthday giveaway! Go visit her place and greet her! She's Startin' a New Life on her new age. You might want to try your luck in her Moleskin giveaway!

And just yesterday, I still got another gift from a fellow bibliophile, Sir Gilbert. He gave me this.

Go on, google it. You will love the contents of this book, it is very interesting. Thanks Sir Gilbert! He writes very interesting stories and I love to visit his place everyday. He is one cool writer. Please hop over to his place and pay him a visit.

So that's it! That's what made happy during my birthday. Happy happy indeed! And to all of you who greeted me thru SMS, comments section and my CBox, maraming salamat po. May God bless you richly.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing how the past days went by. I'm craving for lechon manok and inasal with the mention of Chicken Hauz. Lotsa chocolates you got there!
Garando said…
Those are definitely one of the best things to do on your birthday: Shopping and going to the movies! ;)
Garandee and I will be moving to a new place this summer... so it looks like we'll also end up searching for the same stuff you bought soon! :D
Anonymous said…
What a happy birthday that was! Napansin ko lang ha, parang ang dami mong blessings Sheng! You must really be doing something good. Keep it up!
Eds said…
wow! lots of blessings. bukod kang pinalad sheng coz you are indeed very-very nice person and a real sweetheart. keep it up dear.
Anonymous said…
aha...nasingit din ang bday giveaway ko lolz....

Naku sheng love all the furnitures you bought. I bet the tv will shortly come , remember the laptop you wish for. :)

Glad you love the chocolates. :)

enjoy the day sheng!
Anonymous said…
I've been planning to buy a TV rack soon, like the one you bought! :)

a nice birthday for a sweet girl. perfect. :)
escape said…
the tv rack with your little girl as a model is cool! hehehe... her smile there is priceless.
Anonymous said…
Wow! A very happy birthday indeed!
Anonymous said…
happy, happy birthday sheng! i wish you good health and all the happiness! you deserve it! mwah!
Reena said…
happy birthday! tnx again for the comment on my blog.

wow, new pieces of furniture! i enjoy buying furniture especially when i spend my client's money. hehehe.

you're from gensan pala. i was there a dozen times. my famly actually lived there for a short time before finally migrating to davao city.

i'll link you to my blog, if it's okay. hope you link me too. tc! and regards to your cute daughter.
mightydacz said…
u r so blessed sheng.happy bday again.
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
in gensan where people go to bookstores only to look for dictionaries (imagine when MV Doulos docked at the wharf here, amidst all those books, dictionaries pa rin ang hinahanap nila!), a fellow bookworm like you is indeed a rare find. i'm just too glad to give you that book as a gift. happy returns of the day, sheng! :)
Anonymous said…
wow shopping for furnitures! what a geat treat for your birthday. excited na ako for you para sa new house. tc!
Perky said…
You had a very blessed birthday indeed! :)
RedLan said…
wOW DAMING SURPRISES. dAMING blessings. And whatta wise buys. Magagnda yung mga cabinets. mukhang mas happy si tabebs keysa sau. belated happy birthday sheng. next year ulit.
Heart of Rachel said…
Those are lovely furniture. I also need another cabinet for Yohan's clothes.

Those are wonderful gifts from your friends.
princess_dyanie said…
ang cute naman ni baby! naka pose pa talaga sya hehe. btw, di ba sya nilalamig sa paa?
Kayni said…
Belated Happy Birthday! I missed this post. You really got wonderful presents especially the chocolates =).
Alice said…
Beautiful furnitures! Happy Belated Birthday, Sheng!
Anonymous said…
wow furniture shopping! and chocolates surprise! cool birthday!
Anonymous said…
Belated Happy Birthday! I'm checking out that book....
Anonymous said…
ba't andaming nagbe-bertdey??? ikaw din? haha... belated HBD!!!

P.S. ano yung mga nakasabit sa handles ng drawers? :D

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