Burger! Buger!

Burger! Burger! That was the chant I got in my comments section last Friday after I have posted about the new toys I got for this year.

Last Thursday, Ric and I were invited to join a blogger's night sponsored by Genee's Resto and Bariles Republic. A newly opened resto and tambayan by yuppies in Gensan, Genee's welcomes you with this wide format picture depicting the cultures, festivities, places and faces of the Generals as we are more commonly called.

Genee's is this friendly tuna, General Santos City is proud to be a highly tuna-industry location and we serve the best tuna products from sashimi to tuna belly and canned tuna.

While here, we were able to take pictures of the place and enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by the resto.

the Genee counter

An aerial view of Gensan will make you wonder where in this map-like image are you located. Being a boomtown Gensan, buildings have been rising to and fro and what's more, the latest is the expected rise of Robinson's Galleria and SM City Gensan.

Genee's, of course, starts with the letter G, of which this piece of furniture is patterned. I love it. It is so comfy. It makes me want an S-shaped chair too.

Geee, so G!

I can hear you now. Burger! Burger!

So, here's some burgers and foodie goodies I would like to share with you all.

Their specialty is this package meal at a measly P40.00. Grilled bangus and chicken wings, a cup of rice, and some vegetable pickles. Very affordable, light in the pocket. The chicken was cool and yummy, my grilled bangus just got a little charred but other orders were fine though.

Hubby came back last Friday to have some snacks and do away with some Internet connection, this place is wifi ready so many yuppies, students and even oldies come here to unfold laptops and enjoy the good food.

What surprised me is this Red Iced Tea, which made me ask for more. This super satisfying and thirst-quenching beverage is a must-try. I dunno what is in it, but it is never like the usual tea you get when ordering at other fastfood restos.

I love their ice cream, super delicious. I forgot to take picture of the halu-halo but it was very fulfilling. I love the ube and the leche flan included in it. If you want to satisfy your sugar-craving, you can have halu-halo.

And here's us, the Soccsargen bloggers, enjoying the night away.

enjoying the sumptuous dinner

It was a cool thing that we were able to meet each other in person, that we were able to bond and talk about what's happening in our city and blog about each activity Gensan has. Well, in order for tourists to come and visit us, despite the bombings and the bad publicity this has caused us.

And here's US! The SOCCSarGen Bloggers. It's a nice feeling that we are united with the blogosphere and the Internet. It felt as though we knew each other inside and out , that's because we were reading each other's life's stories!

NB* This is not a paid advertisement.


iceah said…
hindi kami nakasama di naman namin alam kasi c:tsaka malayo kami nasa Plomolok kami we were not informed pati :c
Anonymous said…
Sheng, love the chair! uu pwede na S chair din! :)
Anonymous said…
i want the chair with the letter G! paki-puslit mo for me! :)

i thought I saw you nga sa picture ni tanchi. ang sarap naman. kami kaya, kelan makaka-get together? :)
Anonymous said…
Interesting. I like the G chair. Hope I can get to visit GenSan soon. :-)
Anonymous said…
Makes me want to visit GenSan again!
i like the G chair. Makes me want to visit gensan soon!
mightydacz said…
G!!!g as n great.G as n Ginutom ako sa mouth watering foodies that u posted.I like the g-chair.
Anonymous said…
waaah.. i'm hungreeeee!! can i have some grilled tuna airlifted here in manila?
Anonymous said…
Nice post sheng!

Dapat talgang isama kayo pirme ni Kyawster sa mga blog happenings.


Bravo!!! :)
Alice said…
Nice pics, Sheng! That burger looks delicious!
RedLan said…
I love red iced tea too! Nameet mo si Ariel? He is a blogger-friend since I started in blogosphere.
escape said…
hi sheng, even before i've heard that gensan is a city that has a well planned road system.

that's why developments like this is quite normal for gensan. truly a beautiful city.

wala pa ako dyan nagagandahan na ako. hehehe...

it's really nice when you get to meet other bloggers on events like this.
Anonymous said…
nice post sheng. sana makarating ako sa gensan. by land lang siya from davao di ba?
pamatayhomesick said…
wala na bang natira!..he he he..

nagutom ako dun.makapag pansit na nga lang...samahan ko ng tinola.
Kayni said…
looks like a great place to eat. you're so lucky for having the chance meet fellow bloggers. have a wonderful week.
Anonymous said…
uy inggit ako....:)
Anonymous said…
ayos ah. gusto ko tuloy ng burger.
Garando said…
I wish Garandee and I can visit Gensan in the future... Heard a lot of great things about the city. I'm also interested in checking out Genee. ;)
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
hi sheng, it's great to meet you and your hubby at genee. more meetups!

is it tuna burger? the red ice tea really is very good! :)
Anonymous said…
Grilled bangus and chicken wings all for 40 pesos! Wow! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
And that ice cream looks yummy! Cheese ba yan?
Lantaw said…
uy mukhang ayos dito a. kain tayo dito pag nasa gensan ako :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, I didn't know all of that about General Santos city and tuna. I'm glad to get to learn so much from you! And I love that G-shaped chair! I'm so glad the bloggers got together for a good time! What fun. :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Looks like a great evening with bloggers. Genee is a cute image.

Now I'm craving for some burger.

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