I have been having a hard time managing my TIME for the past few weeks. I dunno which one I will have to get and start with, or which one to finish first. It seems like i have long been in a capsule, got dizzy and is starting anew with my surroundings. This is making me crazy...

In the office, it seems like my mind is wandering, and not knowing where to start first, I would eventually turn on the PC and click chat-fun Plurk or go farming in Facebook. So, bad move? Yeah, of course, and it's making my pending stuffs all the more piling up!

I got this new project about a certain dictionary we are making and it's driving me crazy, that even my Saturdays and Sundays are devoted into reading... plus the 17 manuscripts I am still into.

17 manuscripts? Not anymore! Minus 3 coz we're already done with them. Hallelujah!

Reading, reading, reading... and a lot more reading...aaaahhhh!!!

But wait, thanks to Bluerose for sending me: Brida by Paulo Coelho.

Manuscripts and dictionaries for the moment are way out of my reach, because I have been so indulged with Brida.

And the text in the pic is just for me, that I wanna share it with you.

Someone had told her once
that every city has a "magic place",
a place where we go
when we need to think seriously about life.

Just timely for my crazy life right now, with work that is!

Ok, now I need to get serious with work... so I could already relax and chill out in the soonest possible time.


Mai da Paypay said…
hi sheng! you know what i do when there's just so much to do with so little time? I write down all the things I need to do and prioritize them so I don't get overwhelmed. Mare I hope you get rest naman soon! :)
Rico said…
Oooh! New template?!
Sabi nga ni Mia: Prioritize!
kg said…
new look huh sheng! :)

but i;m glad you had the time away from work to read! relaxing diba? well, sana matapos na lahat ng dapat mo gawin!

happy weekend sheng!
witsandnuts said…
I have resumed doing a To Do List because of the crazy work load now. But you'll get by, I'm sure. Happy weekend!
Jeanny said…
I love paolo coelho. Fave ko ang alchemist nila at by the river piedra. Havent read Brida yet. Im sure good book din sya. enjoy the weekend sis. Its our time after a tiring week at work!
sunny said…
hi sheng! my visit for today! hectic naman sked sobra..wag mgpakatoxic buddy! take time to relax! take care!
Alice said…
I need a to-do list, too, especially for the blog write-ups and book reviews that are pending. Oh boy...
princess_dyanie said…
wow new blog theme! :)

oo nga plurk addict ka na and FT! haha!
Eds said…
you're welcome sheng. thanks for the shoutout as well.

see you around at plurklandia. hehehe.
Anonymous said…
Golly, 14 manuscripts to go? Aja! I've got Brida at home but haven't gotten around to reading it as well.

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