Gio's Mongolian BBQ

Hubby went to Iloilo last Friday, but because I don't want to miss him that much, and because the free dinner for two that we got from Gensan News Online Mag's Blogoversary Giveaway arrived at a proper timing, we grabbed the chance to dine at Gio's Mongolian Grill and BBQ in Tiongson Arcade, Lagao, Gen. Santos City.

Owned by Mr. Allan Sanidad, also the owner of Abi's Goto House, this Mongolian thing is new for me and hubby. We passed by this resto once already but didn't pursue as hubby doesn't eat much seafoods, and our minds went blank as to how we can order the food to eat.

this photo from Bariles

All the stuffs you want to put in your food are placed on the table and you have to pick whatever stuffs you want in your plate. Isn't that nice? But then again, i have been used to eating what my heart wants by trying to imagine them with their names. Say, pinakbet, and you have the image of pinakbet in your mind.

With Gio's Mongolian, you pick everything. And i do not know what to place on my plate! Panic crept upon me when I saw the big stove they use for cooking but luckily, the staff was friendly that they told us to just sit down and enjoy what they will place on the table.

And this is what we got.

breaded pork tepanyaki with stir-fried veggies
P160 good for 2

Seafoods and Chicken Mongolian
P150 good for 2

They serve generously that 1 serving is good for the two of us, and even more. We hate to leave the place with leftovers that we decided to take easy with the food and have it all the way down.

Glorious food, with easy on the pocket rates! But for us, free! Gensan News Online Mag is LOVE.


Nash said…
wow the seafood and chicken mongolian looks tempting :)

Check out my first ever PODCAST! :P

cheers! keep in touch sir
kg said…
ang sarap naman. masarap talaga kumain sa mongolian grills kasi sarili mong timpla! :)
Lantaw said…
damu na gid pwede kaunan sa gensan no?
MrsLavendula said…
wow those look good!!!
Anonymous said…
malapit na akong umuwi for vacation! i hope mapuntahan ko ang palce na ito :D
Anonymous said…
whoaaaa!!! nagdidiet ako pero nakalimutan ko dahil sa sarap ng peyturs! grabe! mouth watering!

Eds said…
wow! sarap naman nyan. kakagutom.
BlogusVox said…
Sa pics palang, namit na gid kaayo!
liezl said…
yummy food...makakain nga dyan, hehe. di pa namin nakuha yung prize namin from ranchers grill naman yun. ingatz and merry christmas.
ALiNe said…
nakakalaway naman .. heehee!
orman said…
i love my mongolian meal without the rice! sarap talaga dito ba!
Gay said…
Sarap talaga ha? Haven't tried it yet.
Rico said…
There used to be a Mongolian concessionaire here in the office that was so patok because it was so sulit. One serving is good for two persons
Anonymous said…
nagutom ako! my wife and i like mongolian! and what you've samples was seafood at that! wow...
i can't do anything now but crave! hehe

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