Looking Back

The year 2009 has brought me and my family a lot of things to be thankful for. You have all been aware of what my life has been, and what I and my husband have done in order to survive this leaving year, and I am just glad that although life has been full of ups and downs, the ups always rule, because even when we are down, the Lord always picks us up.

Before I say goodbye to 2009, let me share to you the things I am thankful for.

We moved to the new house because of the robbery. The robbers got the mattress yet, the Lord didn't take sleep away from us. We could always rest with our minds at peace. The robbers may have taken with them the electric fan, but we still can breathe fresh air. The Lord has breathed in us the hope in pursuing for tomorrow.

We have the new (second hand) car. Thank you Lord, but there were some instances when we need the car fixed, and during those times, we had nothing. But I thank the Lord that those times may be tough, yet, we survived.

I am thankful that the kids didn't have any serious issues with their health. They may have gotten colds and coughs, but they are still the energetic duo.

I am thankful that, despite Ondoy and Pepeng, we have survived and shown to the world that we, as Filipinos, could still be really generous to other people especially during times of need.

I am thankful for the travel opportunities and I am hoping for more in the coming year, hopefully with the kids.

I am thankful for my parents and my family, they have been considerate and understanding with me, we may have our share of glitches but I thank you that we still love each other despite our differences.

I am thankful that I still have my job, although I have been wanting for a new career, still, I have this passion for reading that keeps me going.

I thank the Lord for giving me friends who understand me inside and out.

I have been grateful to the Lord for He has given me a very understanding and patient husband, he's a notch older this 17, and I thank him too for being a responsible father to my kids.

I thank the Lord for the kids, they are a bundle of joy, my strength and my weakness.

For everything, yes, basically for everything, I am thankful!

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Rico said…
Very nice Sheng. Despite every bad thing that happened, it was still an awesome year. And I'm praying that the next year will be more, much more.
kg said…
it's nice to see the good things out of the difficulties! i admire you sheng because despite the "bad" things, you still are so positive about life! :)
Anne said…
It really is better to look at the good side of things and be thankful for all those good things. I am happy for you, sheng, for having survived this year. (nagtalang ko,hehehe)
Anonymous said…
Hi Sheng, it's me- Anne (formerly the JavaQueen) - I sure have missed you. I stopped by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010. I love this post, you are so darn sweet! I'm lucky to have you in my life! Love to you and yours!
Anonymous said…
btw, I'm at "Moodswing Mabel" now.
ALiNe said…
Keep the positive energies coming :)
nice A said…
nice thoughts to leave the year behind and to welcome the year ahead.
i'm very glad to have known you, sheng, your dear hubby and the rest of gensan bloggers in that awesome dinner at grab-a-crab. i believe that it was just a beginning to a great friendship not only in blogging.
cheers for all your success in 2009 and for more blessings in 2010!
nice A said…
i've already added you in both my bloglists. hope you won't forget mine:)
princess_dyanie said…
apir! despite of all the difficulties, God always picks us up! :)

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