Blue Bayou at Isla Jardin Del Mar, Glan

The nice clean water at the beach invited us for a dip, it was really tempting, but I didn't have plans of taking a swim so I satiated myself by walking till knee-deep. The water is so clean that starfishes are so vividly seen from the surface.

Isla Jardin is a promise of relaxation and meditation. The sun was friendly when we went there so we had no problem having our skin sun-burnt. A few minutes after we reached the rock wall, the sky was already overcast.

So after the long walk to the north end of Isla Jardin's beach front, we had the chance to tour the area passing through the rear end, where a lagoon remains calm along with the balmy weather.

Tired but happy.

The lagoon displayed stunning silence. Since most of the visitors were amazed at the beauty of the beach, they forgot about the lagoon they saw coming from the entrance. But we did not forget as this beauty could not be ignored. We stayed awhile, trees swaying with the silent breeze of the wind, the lagoon was surrounded with coconut trees. A mangrove tree emerges with its seedlings already sprouted.

The visit to Gumasa, Glan is all worth it. Gumasa, being the tourism capital of Sarangani has become one of the ideal vacation spots here in Southern Mindanao. I would not mind going back for another trip. Your eyes will surely be satisfied with God's creation - the beauty of nature.

What more can I say? Well done Sarangani!

And hey! It's 28 now. Pardon me for the delay, I know you are all busy so instead of waiting for the answers on my birthday giveaway, I decided to do a random raffle on who gets the first week's prize - a Eucalyptus novel by Murray Bail and additional thingamajigs . With 14 comments received on my previous post, I had it raffled off using the ever reliable Randomizer. org and came up with this.

And the winner is -

Congratulations Daxi! I will send you the book very soon!

And you still have time to join the contest. This time, just comment on my posts. From this post until my birthday, I will count your comments as entry to the Final Birthday giveaway. So there will be two prizes left. No more January 30 as I will be really busy. Sorry, my apologies. Comment open now.


Lito Antoque said…
nice post...i might as well visit this awesome beach.
Daxi Weida said…
wow, what a pleasant surprise! did not even realize my comment was already an entry. thank you sheng. and thanks also to randomizer :)

nice post on isla jardin. wala pa gyud ko kabalik dira sa gumasa since the late 90s although nakaagi lang ko going to Pangyan circa 2004... maybe one of these days.
witsandnuts said…
Congrats to the winner!

How far is the beach from Gensan proper?
sheng said…
@witsandnuts: It's an hour's ride from Gensan City proper. Hope you can visit it.
pamatayhomesick said…
sarap naman... travel time ang dating!
mightydacz said…
hello sheng nice post...hey i have something for you pls give me ur complete name and address may surprise ako sayo from jeddah saudi arabia lol email mo sa
Envy Me Salon said…
nice ate sheng (singing BLUE BY YOU!!!!) hehehehehe
Anonymous said…
i like one of your photos' caption : "tired but happy"
...congratz to your blog contest winner!
Glampinoy said…
uhhh so nice naman ang beach na ito. Hope to visit it one day kasi travel adik ako.
BlogusVox said…
I know, ang daming magagandang tanawin sa Mindanao but I still have my reservation. Maybe someday I'll come to visit my relatives there.

Uy, malapit na palang Birthday no. Happy Birthday to us! : )
JanuskieZ said…
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Eds said…
ganda pala talaga ng saranggani. uhhmmm...kelan kaya ako makakapunta ng mindanao?

lapit na pala ang birthday mo sis! advance happy birthday. may all your wishes come true.
katcarneo said…
Oh wow, that place is heavenly. Hope to be able to go there someday.

I don't know exactly when your birthday is, but, happy birthday!
escape said…
Gumasa, being the tourism capital of Sarangani has become one of the ideal vacation spots here in Southern Mindanao.>>> i didnt know about this. basta sa nakita kong beach... excited na ako pumunta diyan.
Rico said…
Nice beach to rest and relax. Cute nung pose mo sa last pic. Para kang si Tabebs! hehe
joecords said…
teng, mas nami pagid na kon gin invite mo ako... na remember mo na may beach kami didto sa glan ... tupad lang sina wala pa ma develop.. kumusta??

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