Old School Thought Number 1

If you think using mosquito nets is so old school, think again.

A friend of mine went home to Gensan for the holidays only to take care of his son who was diagnosed with dengue the whole holiday season. So, she went home with no grandiose vacation and a hole in her pocket for the medicines she has to buy were so dear and the anxiety of when her beloved will have to recuperate.

Most of our residences nowadays have air conditioning units already, and have houses enclosed because of the ACs installed. This way, no mosquito can enter the house. But wait again, there are many ways for mosquitoes to enter your house without you knowing it, and that will only leave you thinking where it came from.

Remember, mosquitoes are tiny insects that are just roaming around the corners of your dark bedrooms, untidy closets, dirty clutters and vacant boxes.

At home, we also have an AC unit, but still, I see these tiny creatures from nowhere and I cannot risk my children's health just because of them. So I have this habit of hanging a mosquito net for the kids at home.

Kung walang mosquito net, always think of the children's safety from these harmful insects, spray the room with insecticide or apply mosquito repelling lotions on their skin. These can help shoo off those annoying insects.

It's actually your choice. But as for me and my house, we will use the net, the mosquito net.

Remember, health and safety comes first.


witsandnuts said…
I suddenly miss using a mosquito net. I remember we used that when I was much younger. And I had the habit of sticking my feet to the net, otherwise, I cannot sleep. Take care! Health is wealth.
Jeanny said…
We dont have a mosquito net at home. Hubz bought this kind of light na pag nakasaksak sa power, it drag away mosquito.
We are also lucky kasi hindi malamok sa amin. :)
BlogusVox said…
Hindi lang yan, sheng. My daughter is very sensitive to mosquito bite. Her skin becomes reddish and swells. Kaya when we come home, kahit sa umaga naka "OFF" lotion sya mula ulo hanggang paa!
caryn said…
love love the idea of mosquitero (tama ba?) it reminds me of the old days, when the yayas would bundle us all up for afternoon naps at our lola's house in the province ;-) cheap na, practical pa!
SleeplessInKL said…
I've been to a boutique hotel in Bali where they had huge 4-poster beds with gauzy white material hanging from the top and tied creatively to the sides. At night, they're untied and used as mosquito nets pala.
upto6only said…
i used that one too when i was a kid. ngayon daddy ko na lang pero pang control lang ng ilaw hehehe. normally mosquito repellant lotion ang gamit ko though feeling ko kahit wala nun hindi gaano ako type ng lamok hehehe prefer ata nila pag bata pa kasi fresh na fresh ang blood. hahahha
Anonymous said…
we also used kulambo when we're young!...the thing with dengue is really dreadful--fyi, no one gets to be immune with this infection for there are 4 strains of dengue virus. i agree with you that old cliche still applies : an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! my wife and i apply off-lotion to our kid. practice cleanliness at all times, and yes, mosquito nets are a big help!
kg said…
sheng, ang ganda naman nung bed. parang pang prinsesa. sa daughter mo ba yan? :)

samin kasi walang pagsasabitan ng mosquito net eh!
Eds said…
we used mosquito net when we're young. pero ngayon nagpalagay nalang kami ng screen sa bahay and nagspray ng insecticides minsan once a month or twice a month depende sa sitwasyon.

oy sheng, ganda naman ng bed mo. pwede bang makitulog jan si KA? hehehe
Rico said…
I recommend buying citronella. We buy ours from Ilog Maria. Just spray on curtains (or anywhere) to ward off mosquitoes. A good alternative too are citronella candles. Tapos once in a while, before leaving, we spray Baygon all over the house, just to be sure.

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