Meme Me For Honesty

It is a great honor to be tagged by blogger friends who continue to pay visits to my blog regularly. I know some of them know me already and some of this honest scraps I will share to you have been posted a long while back here, but here are some more of them I would like to share.

So for Jo of Wits and Nuts, Garando of Balut and Natto, and Blogusvox of The Sandbox, here's my piece of honest scraps. Teehee!

1. I hate Math. When I was in college, I almost failed my Calculus. My professor gave me an additional exam, for me to upgrade my grade status into one a little convincing to be given 3.0 as passing grade.

2. I can devour a 2-inches thick book in 2-3 hours, with nothing else to do but just that: Read!

3. I hate talong (eggplants) and sitaw (string beans). I dunno why, but this is really the foods that my stomach cannot accept.

4. I always eat before I take a bath especially in the mornings before I go to work.

5. I am a 2nd year law student, still. I studied law 3 years ago, until I got pregnant with my Tabebs. I cannot simultaneously do work, study and getting pregnant all in one hit. I will be back to law school when my kids are bigger.

6. I love chocolates, who doesn't? I always ask Hubby to buy me one especially if I badly need a chocolate fix. I just take my antihistamine before indulging, tsk, tsk. This is really one thing I hate, my allergy!

7. I feel comfy with jeans and a tee. Nothing more! Even in the office, I am never comfortable with office uniform. Believe me, I always wear tees and jeans, except during times when I feel like wearing the too formal skirt and long-sleeved polos.

8. I love balloons! If there's one thing I love receiving during Valentine's day and birthdays, it's a bunch of balloons and a box of chocolates.

9. I love to travel. Yes, my dream is to travel. One place I really want to reach: Paris and Hongkong!

10. I wake up at 5am everyday. And getting ready for the whole day to "read" in the office.

There guys, thanks so much for the tag! I will not tag anyone but if you want to grab this meme, go ahead, let us know more about you.

Thanks Garando! I grabbed the Honest icon from you.


Garando said…
Thanks for sharing, Sheng! If I had my way, I'd also prefer to wear jeans and tees in the office. :D

I hope you get to fulfill your dream of travelling to Paris! That would probably be one of the most romantic things you and your hubby can do! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for playing, Sheng. I'm normally up at 5am, too. Even during weekends. Another choco addict here!
Anonymous said…
we have some things in common...i also love chocolates, i love wearing jeans and shirt, i wake up at 5 am to go to work, and i super hate math [i failed math 36 in college]!

you deserve the award sheng! :)
Anonymous said…
If it's up to me, I'd like to wear tee and jeans at the office too. I also like to travel, but I like math. Thanks for playing, sheng.
Anonymous said…
Great honest list, I love balloons too!
Anonymous said…
Oh, a little prezzie for you at my place:
Perky said…
You're allergic to chocolates?? Oh you poor thing. And thank god for antihistamines. If not you'd be missing out on the finer things in life ;)
Anonymous said…
me too jeans and tshirt lang plus tsinelas to work hehehe.

Ayun so ayaw o talaga ng sitaw...okra you eat?

Hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa choc. Me isang snickers sa ref...hmmm mga 2 weeks na ewan ko kung kelan ko sya kakainin pero if choc nut yan...hindi ko patatawarin yan heheheh

Nice to know more of you Sheng!
Kayni said…
oh so honest =). i agree. who doesn't love chocolates?
Anonymous said…
Haha! I also hate Math but around to deal with it and thus becoming an engineer. :)
Eds said…
got several things in common here. im normally up at 5am too. im a certified chocolate addict. hehehe. may ganun! and more comfortable in jeans and tee.

yon nga lang, math is my favorite and i love to eat sitaw.
escape said…
"I can devour a 2-inches thick book in 2-3 hours">> wow! ako last year ni isang libro wala akong natapos. hehehe...

dahil sa post na to, alam ko na kung ano ang dadalhin kong pasalubong dyan.
Anonymous said…
you are most adorable person sheng! i also hate math. ugh. LOL.btw, i have something for you on my blog.
Alice said…
Thanks for sharing, Sheng! I love travelling too and one cannot get enough of that. LOL.

Love that Garando icon!
Anonymous said…
I also read paperback novels in one sitting (Hell, even the looong Harry Potter books) and one person once asked me "How can you read that?" And I was like, "Uhm, I just can?"

I'm thank ful I never had to take calculus. The worst in my curriculum was just statistics.

So you're the future Attorney Sheng! Go! Aja!
Anonymous said…
sheng! pareho kayo ni juls! he hates talong too! as in!
Heart of Rachel said…
I'm not fond of Math. Back in college, I dreaded accounting and I had 6 accounting subjects to go through.

I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl too.

Chocolates are one of my comfort foods. :)

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